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5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Bogota, Colombia.

What kind of traveler are you? Do you prefer comfort and luxury or does your adventurous spirit drives you further each time? Well, no matter what you prefer in this article we will give you 5 reasons why you should visit Bogota, Colombia.

  • Number one should always be a wish to discover a different culture and meet new people. When we are talking about Columbians, we definitely think there is not a nation in the world that doesn’t have much, but still has it all! Still don’t know what we are talking about? Let’s put it like this-they understand that happiness comes from little things. On the streets of Bogota, all we could see are people dancing to any music playing around and nobody is looking at them like crazy! The colors of their streets and house paints are just a transmission of their inner feelings and you should bring a piece of that feeling back home.

  • Number one was food for the soul and now it is time for the food of the body-the the actual food! We just could not get enough! Famous restaurants such as Andrés Carne de Res or El Chato are cresting masterpieces every day but don’t miss out on the street food! It is a true replica of how they used to live and eat in the past and some recipes are generations old!
  • Apartment rentals in Colombia is a story for itself! What do we mean? Well, the competition is huge and the number of tourists keeps rising by the year so the focus is on the service! You can find both famous hotels and even family homes available to you. The price is not even worth mentioning! The main street and the Bogota center can get a bit pricy but it is expected and the same as in any other country.

  • If you like greenery, Bogota is a place for you! Surrounded by beautiful mountains, parks, hiking trails, and resorts, Bogota is a diamond in the making. Monserrate is one of the prettiest mountains and it has a church on top. Many tours take place through this amazing scenery and a breath of fresh air has never done anyone harm!
  • Last and all but least is activities. If you think scenery, food, and great people is all that Bogota has, you are mistaken. This multimillion city has been offering exciting things to do but people need to listen to it. It has so much potential so having said that, we hope you will discover at least a dozen of them.

How do you feel about Columbia and Bogota now? As much as it is wilt, its rawness somehow gets attached to you and you try and look for it in any other city. And we never find it to be so pure like the original one!

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