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5 Secret Gems of Thailand: Collect Them All

According to millions of visitors, Thailand is one of those places where the expectations exceed imagination! This tourist-friendly destination is being more popular every season, ever since people started discovering its secret treasures. There are many cheap travel deals for your Thailand vacation. Find some and explore this beautiful destination.

Everyone knows about Bangkok which should undoubtedly be visited, but we recommend you spread your wings a little bit further. Look around the corner and you may be left speechless. Thailand is a diamond in the rough which shines brightly so we have an important role here. Our readers and travelers need to be prepared which is why we dug up some hidden ’gems’ to present in the next couple of paragraphs.

Sandy beaches are like pearls on a Thai necklace and you can spend a month there and not be able to see them all. Turquoise water and lushes palm threes are scenery perfect for escaping the crowd. Lamai Beach is just that, an intimate getaway any traveler hopes to find. Once you fill your batteries, take your shoes off and walk along the shore as you may come across some welcoming locals in fishing villages. They can give you a tip on where to go to get local specialties and you may even be surprised as they sometimes make a few dishes themselves.

How about some luxury and elegance? Thailand is a religious place and throughout history people there have been building many temples and palaces. One that stands out the most could be Bangkok’s Grand Palace. Keep in mind you should reserve at least half of your day for this visit only. At first, this structure could overwhelm you and once you get used to the heavenly spectrum of colors, focus on the history. Local tour guides tell stories that are painting a picture on an imaginative canvas in front of you. Statues of past rulers are watching over every visitor, quietly whispering the words of wisdom.

Shopping is inevitable when it comes to this vacation place. Damnoen Saduak Floating Market is 90 minutes away from Bangkok and it represents an important part of local culture. There is nothing you can’t buy here, and instead of walking, a long-tail boat will be your only mean of transportation. A piece of advice we always give is to try and arrive early since the market fills up at lunchtime. Bring your wallet and your camera and enjoy the shopping spree.

For all nature lovers, there is a special place. Elephant Nature Park is a sanctuary for this endangered species and it is a great opportunity to get in touch with your roots. Every animal there is friendly and the elephants tend to interact with the visitors on a daily basis. This visit is bound to change your view of wilderness and how people are negatively affecting it. You can also try visiting the Tigers Kingdom and pay these giant cats your respect by raising awareness of possible extinction. And you can also take some stunning photos as well!

Lastly, please don’t leave Thailand unless you have met some of the local people and their charm. There are many villages still stuck in time and it is a true refreshment. There is no technology or modern equipment helping the villagers and before entering the area, there is always a symbolic fee that supports these communities. Meeting locals and shaking their hands is the best way to get to know Thai culture and polish your experience step by step.

Spin the globe and pick a spot. If it happens to be Thailand, you are destined for an adventure. Don’t try to visit every place you have heard of. Instead, dedicate your time to a couple of carefully-chosen sites and soak in the beauty offered on a silver plate. Enjoy!

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