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5 Ways To Protect Your Natural Hair When on Holiday

You may be off to a sunny, exotic location – white beaches, aqua blue oceans and palm trees seem like a dream. Your hair may disagree! Though we love taking a dip in the pool or exploring the sea, the water is damaging on your once luscious locks. Whether it’s sea water or chlorine, each of them takes their toll on your hair.

That doesn’t mean that you should miss out on the fun – that’s what holidays are for! Caring and prepping your hair for afternoons by the pool or lengthy days at the beach isn’t challenging, and though you might be getting some TLC, your hair needs it to!

Before you jet off to distant shores, keep in mind some of these tips and tricks to help your hair healthy, shiny and undamaged before, during and after that dreamy holiday!

Wet Your Hair

Though it may seem a little odd, it works! Wetting your hair with non-treated water before jumping in the pool will actually protect it from the chemicals. If you’re at a pool for example, don’t be nervous to hit the showers and give your hair a little rinse beforehand. Like it is recommend you have a shower before going for a swim, it’s also recommended that your hair is wet – your hair will absorb a lot less water molecules and you can say goodbye to post-swim frizz!

Apply Oil

Whether it’s Moroccan, argan, coconut or olive, applying oil to your hair before a swim in a chlorine-treated pool will help avoid damage and nourish your hair. When your hair is wet, run the oil through your hair, this will make your hair in some ways waterproof and will protect it from the damage that chlorine can cause. Be sure to apply post-swim as leaving oil in your hair in direct sunlight will just cook your hair. Added bonus – when your hair will be dry later on it will look shiny and full of life!

As well as protecting it from the water, you may wish to apply oil to as after sun to protect your hair from hours in the hot sun, giving it the moisture it has lost. With some products you can get the best of both worlds – sun and sea protection in just one bottle – result!

Braid Your Hair

Sea water, beautiful though it may be, damages and tangles your hair – but this can easily be avoided! Braid your hair before hitting the beach to avoid future tangles and distress. It will also allow you to avoid getting knotted hair and fragile hair, and therefore limits breakage. Braided hair with your best bikini in a paradisiac location calls for an amazing Instagram pic, doesn’t it?

Use Hair Sunscreen

Just like your skin, your hair needs protection from the UV rays! Protect your hair by using a hair sunscreen or leave-in conditioner before and after beach sessions, these kinds of products will hydrate your hair and stop it looking fried – that’s how all the surfers do it after all! It also protects color-treated hair and stops it going a scary shade of green! These kinds of products can stand up to the challenges of saltwater and chlorine, and your luscious locks will turn heads on your outtings!

Rinse Your Hair Post-Dip

If you’re gone for a dip in the sea or swum a few lengths in the pool, always remember to rinse your hair out afterwards. This is to avoid chemicals from building up and damaging your hair for a lot longer than necessary. Rinsing your hair is also important if you want to keep your hair’s vitality, color and strength – so what are you waiting for?

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