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6 Things to Do While Traveling During the Pandemic

The Novel Coronavirus is deadly and has wiped off thousands of people already from the face of the planet. Here are 6 important things that you need to do as you travel at the time of the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak. 

Take care of your health in general

It is most important for you to care for your general health, and keep the immune system at its peak. Work out regularly, and stick to a proper diet comprising of lots of fruits, fresh vegetables, and pure water. Reduce your intake of cholesterol and high-sugar eatables such as fast food, sweet treats, and soft drinks. Keep in mind that when it comes to Covid-19-related deaths, those with poorer immunity are among the high-risk groups.

Look after your personal hygiene

It is important to take care of your own personal hygiene, given that the virus may spread via contact with some contaminated surface – like table surfaces, railings, door handle, etc. Use an antiseptic hand-wash to clean your hands often, particularly after you visit public places like restaurants, toilets, etc.

Carry tissues and antiseptic wipes

You should carry these along with you, so as to wipe the hands after touching public phone booths, turnstiles, escalator handholds, tables, doors, and various other public place surfaces. The  Covid-19 virus may linger on almost any type of surface for over a few hours. Via contact, you can be at risk of getting infected. Always try avoiding crowded areas like markets, shopping malls, discos, and cinemas, etc, and wear a face mask while going there. You can find many disposable face masks in pharmacies. N95 face masks are among the best kind of masks out there that you can use.

Go to a doctor

In case you are ill, it is a good idea that you visit a doctor and then go into self-isolation. Do not go out of your home. Stay at home as you recover, unless the condition is very acute. Generally, people who belong to high-risk groups or the ones who exhibit the signs of pneumonia or other medical problems are confined for further treatments on suspicion of being affected with Covid-19.

Know the Hospital and Local Emergency Numbers

In case you plan to travel to some foreign land, you need to know the numbers of the closest hospital or the local emergency ambulance numbers. Visit the nearest hospital, in case you exhibit symptoms of flu, and seek treatment immediately. In case you are not immediately hospitalized, confine yourself to your hotel room for two weeks to recuperate.

Know Your Medical and Travel Insurance Plans

You might have medical or travel insurance plans to cover medical treatment costs in some foreign land. Prior to leaving your nation for travel, check with your insurance agent and find out whether or not you will stay covered during your travels in case of a Covid-19 emergency. As medical costs may be high in another nation, you need to be prepared if there is an emergency. Here are some tips for you to follow in case of flight cancellation during the Covid-19 outbreak. In order to guarantee the safety of their passengers, a lot of companies are demanding travelers to have a negative PCR test before boarding. In case you need one, click here:

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