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All you need to know about traveling with your dog

How many people do you know that love to travel but are often confined by the city they live in because they have a pet that is too stressed when travelling? Or in some cases, they do travel with their furry pet friend but they come back even more tired than before? Let’s put a stop on both situations and change the way you travel with your Frenchie once and for all!

Not only is it easy to bring your dog everywhere with you but it is also enjoyable on both sides. You know that no one can take care of it as you do so you start making a list of all necessities for your dog but you can’t seem to finish it. Our advice is to make it as simple as possible: food, water, favorite toys and maybe something warm if you are going hiking. This means that your backpack is supposed to be a bit bigger than usual but other than that you are good to go.

Let’s just widen the list a bit. There are some things you need to think about before going on your trip. There is practically no destination that is unavailable for both you and your dog but you need to adapt to some of them. Some foreign countries require special health certificates to be issued before your best friend enters the country which is if you think about it, pretty reasonable. You can get it in any vet clinic and in some cases, your dog should receive some extra shots and you are both good to go. After that, think of the most comfortable and least stressful method of transportation. If you know your pet gets easily scared try to get good advice from your vet and ask whether there is a medication you can give to them to make the journey more comfortable.

Finally, both of you arrived on your wanted destination and you are ready for the fun to start. Don’t think about it too much, you have all you need in your backpack and you will figure out the rest as you go. After a few days, you will feel like at home but don’t forget one thing-what you are feeling your dog is feeling as well.

You know how your Frenchie is always thankful when you pet him or hold him. Imagine how it would feel when you take it on your special trip, spend all day together and make some amazing photos on the way. Maybe your friends will envy you when you come home so be selfless as you are and recommend this article you learned a lot from. Maybe it will revolutionize the world of pet-friendly vacations and soon we will all travel with our dogs!

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