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All you need to know for a safe trip to Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa

No matter whether you are a world-known traveler or just a passionate person with a lot of enthusiasm, when you gather enough courage to go to Africa you need to know a few things. Africa is a unique, beautiful place but it is also as much dangerous. Adrenalin addicts will love it and others will just come alive!

We want to start by emphasizing why you should go on a Mount Kilimanjaro Hike. It is not just famous all around the world but is one of those places you either fall in love with or don’t. We did and we came back again but this time we decided to share our thoughts with you. What we think is important is your safety so the next few paragraphs will be about the most important rules you need to follow to come back to Africa again.
Mount Kilimanjaro is a place you can get lost easily so never leave the group! It is not smart to go on a hike alone either, so at least ask someone to join you and hire a tour guide. They are not there just to take your money, they know what they are doing and should be listened to.
Pick a tour you think will suit you best. There are many to choose from according to your needs so try and find the best fit and stick to it. You can always switch but someone must know where you are headed at all times! We assume you know why we are mentioning this so many times!

As we were hiking Mount Kilimanjaro we started talking about equipment. Nobody tells you what you need to bring and how to pack it so here it is in a couple of sentences. Pack only what you can carry in your backpack! A couple of bottles of water, a shirt with long sleeves, a camera or your phone, first aid kit and comfortable shoes is what you must have. If there is more place left in your bag, pack something else you choose on your own.

Be aware of the dangers at all times. Africa can touch your soul deeply with the most amazing sunsets ever but it can also harm you if you don’t respect it! It is true wilderness and you have to understand it. Don’t test it, just be a passive visitor and enjoy what it offers.

We tried to put it all in a couple of sentences so it can all be clear and easy to read. If we missed something important please let us know and we would gladly spread the word! 

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