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Ancient Morocco: Dreaming the Reality

Destinations that used to be exotic are now standing at the top of everyone’s bucket list. Inspiration and a free calendar are all you need to enrich your life by visiting different countries and meet diverse people. Touched by the Atlantic ocean and Mediterranean sea, lies a gem of Africa. Marocco is a country made for dreamers who want to dream the reality and discover a piece of heaven on our sensational planet.

Marocco is an ancient country, and modern influence can hardly change it! Even though it is close to Europe, it remained distinctive. Every new building being built needs to match the existing style since people there are honestly proud of their cultural heritage. Many treasures of this area will tickle your curiosity to the point where no less than one month would be enough to get to know it. Don’t overthink it, find your best Morocco tour, and visit this beautiful country.

What can Marrakech offer you?

Somewhere in the middle of the dangerous, sandy dunes hides Marrakech. Many tourists call this city the urban jungle since it successfully sustained the wilderness in its heart. Only privileged individuals are lucky enough to experience all that this site has to offer. Having said that, we decided to change it by offering our guidance for this African country and Marrakech.


There are many significant historical monuments located in Marrakesh, but it can be a challenge to visit and learn about them all on your own. Our advice is to find a local Morocco travel agency and hire a local tour guide who can speak your language. This way he can tell you stories about each site you visit and if told well, those stories could be a portal to another dimension of experience.

Marrakech is visited by millions of people each year so it is not always the safest place to be alone in. Try to always be with a group of people and avoid going far from the main streets.


When it comes to gastronomy, many specialties are at your reach. We don’t have a special tip other than to follow your nose and sit where the enchanting smell of spices takes you.

How about Casablanca?

A famous place where a great movie was filmed is the biggest city in Marocco. Main streets are decorated mostly with palm trees and beautiful, white buildings. It also has a big port that attracts traders. Take some time when in Casablanca because sometimes you will have to dig a bit deeper to discover it. Shopping can be a great thrill as it offers the tourist colorful street markets as well as luxury boutiques. If we had to choose, only one adjective can describe this city and that is dynamic.

The art of traveling is something that takes time to master. If you consider yourself to be an advanced student, jump into the unknown and walk along the extraordinary Moroccan coast. Visit it while it is still intact and be respectful of it. Treat it like a real treasure and it will make you feel welcome and wanted.

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