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Black Forest – The Perfect Holiday Destination

What comes to your mind when you think of a trip to Germany? Is it thoughts about Cuckoo Clocks, a cake made up of chocolate and cherries that has lot of whip cream on top or fairy tales in a dreamy dense forest?

If these are what you think about then you must head to Black Forest. It is located at the south West Germany and has a stretch from Baden-Baden, up to the way to Lake Constance. There is lot of things for culture lovers as well as an outdoor enthusiast in the region.

How to Get There

Black forest is a huge region and you can reach there from different locations by plane or even by roadways. In case you are traveling from outside Europe then you can land in Frankfurt International airport. From there you can take a train that will take 90 minutes to take you to the northern part of Black forest.

In case you are travelling within Europe then you can chose nay of the airports Basel-Mulhouse and Karlsruhe-Baden Baden and both of these are close to Freiburg. In case you want to explore totally you can always rent a car.

Things to do

There are lots of things to explore in the Black forest region. This article has compiled some of them that will help you plan before you go there.

  • A must place in your list should be Heidelberg that is home to the oldest university in Germany. The romantic setting on the River Neckar and the baroque-style old town will give you much more to enjoy than just a university town.
  • Many poets and writers have taken their inspiration from Black Forrest. You too can take the path while you are in Freiberg. Take a hike up Philosophen Weg and you will enjoy the views. To go there you have to take any bridge across the river and then follow the hiking trail.
  • Mentioning of Freiberg, you cannot miss this beautiful university town of Baden. Its cobblestone gutters are indeed worth watching!
  • Lake Titisee is located in the Freiberg transport network. It is a lovely alpine lake that is nestled upon the hills of Black forest. There are many trails that you can enjoy while you are here.
  • You cannot miss Baden-Baden that is a famous spa town. There are many thermal waters that provides you a relaxing soak. Presently this town is well known for its luxury hotels, horse races and casinos.
  • From Baden-Baden you can visit Schwarzwald National park. It is spread over 40 miles of forest and has glacier lakes to give fantastic views. The spacious meadows will seem out of a storybook, such are their beauty.
  • Don’t forget the cuisine of the region when you are in Baden-Baden. This region has excellent wine to offer any wine lover. If you take the Baden wine route you can enjoy the vineyards and watch the whole process of making wine.

Black forest is a region that is full of natural beauty. Once you are there you will be captivated by the lovely meadows and the old town charm.





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