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South America’s largest country is Brazil, and this dynamic land is tagged as one of the world’s most beautiful destinations. Apart from football and samba, Brazil’s colorful Carnaval in Rio De Janeiro is hugely popular, and party people all over the globe head to the streets of Rio to take part in this colorful and festive event.

brazilBrazil owns almost 1,500 distinct beaches and over 500 enchanting islands, and water lovers are having a hard time deciding where to start. From sports down to sun-lounging, the perfect tropical climate makes both outdoor pursuits and passive activities possible. There are innumerable reasons to love about Brazil which makes it right to be called one of the best places to spend the holidays.
the-giant-christ-Brazil www.hdnicewallpapers.comBrazil is rich with natural blessings and one cannot afford to miss out on the country’s amusing wonders including the Amazon Rainforest, Atlantic Forest, Campos Gerais and Pantanal where large variety of vegetation, picturesque sight of canyon and cliffs, aquatic plants and a variety of animal and fish species complete the amazing nature-viewing. One of the country’s prides is Brazilian food, and there is no way visitors leave the country without feasting on the diverse cuisine majorly influenced by its unique geographical location and rich culture.
brazil_from sky rio-brazil-media-design-communications-beach-abroadIt is very easy to like the national dish, the feijoada stew, which has a harmonious blend of black beans, pork and beef. What’s popular in the northeast portion of the country, where there is a concentration of coastal towns, is seafood. Being a major tourist destination, international dishes such as pizzas, churrasco, tempura, and tacos are served in every corner.
Brazil beachThe tourist-friendly amenities, from transportation down to accommodations, make the visit convenient. Tourists are very much treated as friends, that is why travelers never get tired of visiting Brazil. And with the local’s warm welcome and souvenir of lifelong memories, leaving Brazil and heading home makes it more difficult.

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