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Buenos Aires, Argentina

The capital city of Argentine Republic, Buenos Aires, is one of Latin America’s biggest and affluent cities. The city is the main jump off point when traveling to Argentine, the very reason why Buenos Aires is the first tourist destination when having a holiday in this part of the world. Literally means “fair winds,” the climate is perfect in exploring what Buenos Aires boasts of: huge promenades, trendy neighborhoods, charming historic districts, lively festivals and wine events.


Buenos Aires comprises of small neighborhoods, or barrios, where each has its own distinct feature and fascinating appeal to be proud of. One of the neighborhoods that never fail to impress is the La Boca, a picturesque district with homes painted in vibrant colors of green, blue, yellow, red, purple and orange. With its bright personality, La Boca is arguably the most photographed district in Buenos Aires.

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Microcentro, as the name suggests, is the barrio close to the center of the historical spots. Microcentro serves the tourists very well, as it is in this district where most of the shopping hubs, may it be big malls or quaint local shops, are settled, as well as restaurants that offer wide range of cuisines. The districts of Recoleta and Palermo have touristy features as well. Meanwhile, San Telmo, Boedo and Belgrano are defined by well-preserved colonial houses, cobblestone walkways and peaceful green spaces.

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For the more active and outgoing type, Buenos Aires is the perfect choice. The city’s clear blue sky is the ultimate spot for skydiving, and there is no better way to see the loveliness of Buenos Aires than from up above. Meanwhile, the Andres Mountains and the rich volcanic soils made the land of Buenos Aires fertile and created vineyards that are known to the world, the reason why wine tasting and vineyard tours are part of the tour. And of course, dancing the tango seals the Buenos Aires getaway, as there is no fitting place to engage into this upbeat dance than in the city where it was born.

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