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Cappadocia – The next place to be

Modern technology, architecture and even landscapes seem to surround us more and more each day. New is better, isn’t it? Or that is what we are taught to believe. But let’s take a minute and look around! Consumed by the amount of work and obligations, we are forgetting our roots and history and since we usually have free time only when we are on vacation, why don’t use this time to reminisce?

We did some research to save your precious time, and from many resources, we found that the region of Cappadocia has the best mix of knowledge and pleasure.

Thousands of years old history enriches your soul but the beautiful surroundings leave you breathless. Cappadocia as the name of the region has firstly been found in the 6th century BC, but the beauty has been known for longer. It was even then a true oasis and know it is rediscovered. Even the film industry recognized its potential and many movies were made here. All this aside, the tourism of this Turkish gem deserves a special mention and we will do our best to do so now.

Human hands can do wonders but nature in Cappadocia shaped rocky phenomena that stayed the same for more than millions of years. Due to its uniqueness, it is a true tourist attraction. Every city you have seen so far you can forget when you enter the Central Antalya. Be openminded when entering the underground cities while thousands of tunnels may seem scary to the firstcomers. Rest assured, each tunnel was built with a purpose and many of them lead to houses carved in the rocky mountains. Bizzare isn’t it?

Food lovers will have to bring a notebook while the recipes are not only passed through the generations but are also being used even today. Yes, who wouldn’t love to bring home some of the most popular dishes such as pottery kebabs spiced with garlic, peppers and many more secret ingredients. There are so many types of bread in this region but what we recommend is to find a local household that prepares it daily and grab a taste. People are very welcoming and they are proud that the food is still authentic.

Many restaurants are traditional, ornaments are museum pieces and the staff is professional. Wide variety of hotels to choose from is an additional advantage. Cities such as Göreme, Ürgüp or Uçhisar are offering many astonishing, worldly known hotels and the fee is very reasonable.

You may also have the chance to visit some of the silent vulcanoes, sleeping in the wilderness. Many local Cappadocia tour guides tell amazing stories about them and the legends come alive. Who knows, maybe you can relive a piece of history?

From Istanbul to Cappadocia, wherever you go in Turkey, you can stumble upon a story. Why not use the time you are on vacation to widen your horizons and to learn the history of the people that have been around for millions of years. At the same time, you can feel rested, fulfilled and eager for more travel and knowledge? Such a useful combination, don’t you think?

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