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Cozumel, Mexico

If you happen to be an experienced, passionate traveller, such as myself then you would rather be relaxing and reading your favourite book on a sunny, tropical beach or enjoying cocktails in beautiful weather than pretty much anything else in the world. During the period of colder, darker winter months and especially around the hectic holidays and vacation seasons is a fantastic time of the year to easily plan your own, perfect little getaway and hide away from all the fuss and busy people around you.

A place that is a must-visit at this time of year, especially if you happen to be a fan of all we mentioned above, is humble and unexpectedly welcoming Cozumel Mexico. Although Cozumel represents a great place to visit any time of the year and a perfect chance to widen your horizons, being in Cozumel during freezing, angry December seems to be a better experience since the last month of the year is all but snowy in Mexico. If you are excitedly looking to extend your vacation and stay in a romantic and heartwarming Cozumel bed and breakfast, then be sure to check out Stingray Villas that offer a deal that could melt your heart and stay in your memory forever.

This is luxury at its finest, especially if you want to feel like a member of the royal family, but with a price range that will not break the bank or make you work overtime when you come back home from your well deserved holiday. The location of this unique bed and breakfast is second to none as it is right in the heart of everything warm Cozumel has to offer.

Restaurants with local delicacies and shopping malls with stores for everyone’s pocket are all within easy walking distances and the Cozumel nightlife offers excellent options for people of all ages since bars and restaurants are full of great energy all night long! This downtown villa not only brings you close to the action Cozumel is offering during all seasons, but also offers fabulous water views from every room that rests your eyes and spoils your soul.

You will love waking up in the soft and cozy king-sized bed with the softest, luxurious Egyptian linens that are not only royal but can only be found in a top-quality villa such as this one. Every detail is well-thought-of at stingray villas where it truly feels like a home away from home but raised a couple of levels since in this ‘home’ everything is designed to suit your needs. On your next, thoroughly planned visit to amazing Cozumel, whether it is December with all its fuss and holiday season or any other time of a year, make sure to book a stay at this downtown Cozumel hotel where you get to be treated as you deserve. After you come back to real life you will notice how all your chores and works will be done with ease thanks to one wonderful vacation in Mexico.

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