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Croatia – Travel Guide

When was the last time you went on a holiday you truly deserve? You know, the one where you get to sleep as much as you want, eat whatever you feel like and dance like nobody is watching. Not lately right? If we caught your attention so far then stay with us because in this article we are set up to reveal the exciting side of Croatia, the queen of Mediterranean tourism.

First of all, forget all you heard about it in the past. For the last couple of years and more, Croatia has developed in a way it became unrecognizable, all because the right people listened to the needs of tourists and visitors. We want a sandy beach, no problem, they made one. And the list just goes on.

What is exciting about vacation offers in this unique country is that they pride in diversity in all they have to offer. For example, you want to explore nature and Croatian wildlife you can begin with the shores of Dalmatian islands and slowly move towards the Posavina where you can experience swamps filled with species protected by law. If all that is not enough then you can also visit Dinara mountain (among many others) and enjoy the beautiful view from the highest point in the country.

If you prefer to enjoy the luxury then put Michelin star restaurants on the list. Yes, Croatia has as much as 7 restaurants crowned with one of the most prestigious awards in the culinary world. For more rustic and homely feeling there are plenty of taverns on the shores whose menu is never the same. What they catch is what you can choose and eat and it can all be paired with famous vines of the region.

As Croatia has more than thousand of islands it represents aa great challenge to all sailors and those who just enjoy a great adventure. Yacht charter Croatia prides in is nowadays available to almost anyone. You can even rent a boat or a yacht with a captain so all you need to do is lay back, relax, and soak in the peace waves are bringing.

Some of the most famous TV shows were filmed in Croatia. One lately popular called Game Of Thrones was filmed in Dubrovnik, Split, and Trogir. Many other cities borrowed their beautiful scenery to create the most addicting show in 21 Century so if you ever get a chance, maybe take a couple of photos in the places you think are familiar.

This and much more is what Croatia is offering to all willing to open their hearts to it. Have you been there yet? Whatever the case is, we are looking forward to hearing your impressions and talking to you about the Mediterranean queen.

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