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Cyprus tourism-best accommodation, food, and activities

There are endless destinations in the world where you can go, refill your batteries and start over. Which one is your favorite so far and which one would you like to visit? There is one place we always had on our wish list an on our last vacation we managed to cross it over off. This place now has a special place in our heart and it is so hard to compare it with other places we visited. Don’t be surprised that we are talking about an island called Cyprus.

Now, Cyprus represents a completely new dimension for us, a door to a different world. In this world, we live carelessly and the biggest worry on our mind is where to dine next. Yes, it is exactly how this island impacts tourists and it is alright if you don’t trust us. What you should do next is read this article through and then decide whether you should visit it or there is a better option for you out there.

Accommodation is a rather boring topic which is why we shall not mention the names of the hotels or rentals. The feeling is what matters the most and this is how we felt when we entered our room. Imagine a small hotel in Cyprus. The building is not tall, it has only rooms decorated in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern style. The mix of these two and a couple more is special and it helps you travel to that different dimension. Most of the rooms have that gorgeous view since the island is surrounded by the sea. The fresh air breeze waking you up each morning is priceless and those first rays of sun entering through your windows have healing properties. Shortly, this is the type of accommodation you can expect in Cyprus.

Food has a similar story like the one above. Everything tastes better while on vacation and there is one piece of advice you should follow-begin your stay with a glass of wine. After a first sip tries out some local delicacies, dry fruits, and goat cheese mixed with some grilled seafood straight from the sea. Don’t be surprised when you find out that in Cyprus you can taste tons of different tastes and cuisines. Historically many civilizations and cultures respectfully visited the island and somehow people on Cyprus only took the best of them all!

Don’t rush and try to be fully active on vacation. Some physical activity is alright but try and relax, soak in all the beauty Cyprus has to offer. If you are an adrenalin addict there are many activities you can do and remain on the edge. Snorkeling, paragliding, and others are popular these days so why not try them out?

Some people struggle with transportation. If your accommodation is on the northern part of Cyprus, you should use the Ercan Airport. Hire a good Ercan Airport transfer, sit back and relax.

Cyprus is truly a place like no other and there are not enough words to describe it. You must visit and see it with your eyes. Don’t bother sending us your message confirming how great the island is. Soak it in and remember us when you come back home. Feel rested yet?

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