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Egypt, the land of the Great Pyramid of Giza needs no further introduction. Having the last surviving cast of the Seven Wonders of the World, Egypt is rightfully named one of the world’s oldest tourist destinations. This is a place where ancient history is abundant, yet modern generosity is dominant. There are varied reasons why tourists are mesmerized by Egypt, a justification why it has not stopped welcoming visitors ever since.


How the pyramids were constructed still puzzles the mind of everyone, and this prodigious work of man never fails to astonish. People are surprised that the Great Pyramids are only the tip of the iceberg, just one of the many archaeological attractions seen in the country. The mythological Sphinx, the grand royal mosques, the imposing temples—all these are part of the archaeological wonder that defines Egypt.


And the surprise does not end there. In several parts of the country, there’s a clear-cut display of the region’s natural treasures including crystal-clear waters, powder-like sands, and untouched coral reefs. From sight-seeing to nature-tripping, the possibilities are endless in the amazing land of Egypt.


Found within two continents, the unique location of Egypt resulted to a multi-cultural region. The people, on the other hand, have exceptional ways of letting their visitors feel at home. Tagged as the most tourist-friendly destination in North America and the Middle East, the country takes pride of its affordable yet world-class accommodations and transport systems.


And because of its unbeatable climate and perfect geographical composition, Egypt can be visited anytime of the year. This country is truly a one-stop-see-all destination, and with so much wonders to encounter, food to feast on, and attractions that make the camera working non-stop, the trip to Egypt is surely one of life’s most amazing happenings.

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