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Europe: The Old Lady

It is a fact that American tourists absolutely love Europe and it’s attractions. There are millions of Americans visiting some of the many destinations in the oldest continent. For many of them, a visa is still required to enter. Nowadays the processes are getting more and more simple every year, so tourists can travel with less worry about visa obstacles. Europeans travel to USA as well, because there is plenty to see as well. Thanks to the simplified process of getting an ESTA visa, most Europeans can enter the States with no issues.


The Old Lady, also known as Europe, gave birth to some of the world’s greatest civilizations. This second smallest continent, which takes only around 2% of our planet, is so mysterious that you can spend your whole life exploring it. It is a place that hides some of the most amazing tourist destinations with the richest history you can imagine.

No one actually knows when it was discovered. Throughout history, it has developed greatly and now many travelers from all around the world choose to visit and some of them actually stay.

London at night photo

But what is so great and interesting about the Old Lady? You know that special feeling from your childhood when grandmother hugs you so lovingly? Well, many people who visited Europe for the first time compare it to that warm embrace which takes you to a special place close to your heart.

The Old Lady ‘speaks’ so many languages and it will welcome you with both arms open in any language you desire. The question is where to go when it has so many top tourist destinations? We understand the dilemma so here we reveal some secrets to help you pick a place to start from.


If you prefer walking on the roads that are thousands of years old, consider Italy, Greece or even Spain. Untouched nature and landscapes there is a true time machine. In the great Colosseum in Rome, you will feel as you are a part of the audience watching the show and Athens will make you explore the mysteries of Pantheon. The fire from Spain boils the blood and nowhere in the world, you will see so many people dancing on the streets.


New couture and bright lights shine in Paris. This romantic, elegant city is perfect for people of all ages in search of love and passion. Finest wines and cheeses are to die for in France and it is almost impossible not to fall in love with this country.

You may have heard Germany be a county of cold people but somehow this is hardly the case. Walking the streets of Berlin, it is impossible to lose your way. There, people will take you by the hand and show you where you need to go. With a rich history, both north and south of this country have a special charm. And if you are a fan of beer and sausages, there is no more dilemma.

Zante, Greece

Even when the weather is not the greatest, England can crawl deep into your heart. It is a place for those who feel like kings and queens. Seeing many castles in this country will make you want to ask a girl for a dance in those huge ballrooms with crystal lights, shining only for you.

If you are a fan of vampire movies you must visit Romania. It is a birthplace of Count Dracula and his castle on Halloween simply comes alive.


These and many more are the children the Old Lady gave birth to. Find a city or a country that you would feel most like home and buy the ticket. Sooner then you feel, you will wish to stay, not only for a couple of days but for a lifetime. And one lifetime is still not enough to experience all Europe has to offer.

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