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Gems of the caucasus – Georgia & Armenia

How many times have you found yourself on a vacation, stuck in one place just wanting to do more? You have already visited all the attractions and now what is left is to move on. But where and how? Between Russia and Turkey, there are a couple of countries that found innovative ways of bringing their culture, customs, and history together and show them to the world. Georgia and Armenia are sister countries with a special geographical location and even more special cultural impact. Let’s see what awaits behind their closed borders!


Many tourist agencies offer tours in Georgia and as amazing as they are, we recommend a different path. One of the best ones is Kartveli Tours. Georgia and Armenia’s trip are nowadays more popular than any other regional tour. South Caucasus is a birthplace of many colorful countries and if your adventuristic spirit is restless, we managed to get together a list of Georgia and Armenia trips and to top it all off we added some tours in Georgia as well!

To begin with, we think that for newcomers the best way to start the adventure is by choosing is Armenia and Georgia classical tour! What this means is that in one week you can get to know two countries, visit their capitals and on the way there try tasty delicacies and national dishes!


The gastronomic tour is created mostly for hedonists! Alright, it is not as exciting as seeing ancient UNESCO objects but imagine the adrenalin rush after tasting exotic Caucasian cuisine. This ten days experience will boost up your appetite and moreover you will get to visit one of the oldest wineries in the world placed in Areni.


True adrenalin addicts can’t imagine a great vacation without some mountain or big waves. Well, Georgia and Armenia’s trip offers one of those two and that is a hiking tour connecting these two countries. Bring only a couple of necessities and a great phone or a camera because the view is by far the best from  Causaus.

Last but not least, jeep tours are also popular in Georgia tours. Rent a couple of those four-wheelers and enjoy the wind in your hear as you rush through well preserved but ancient trails.


There are more tours being developed every day and people there try to meet everybody’s needs. If it happens that somehow none of them are a right fit for you, a private tour guide is always an option. For a certain fee, you will have your own storyteller and a time machine. Book a 5 Day trip to Georgia & Armenia, and have a vacation of a lifetime.

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