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Go around Beijing like a local: Hidden gems, experiences

Have you ever visited China? A better question is, have you ever been to the city that has more people than Beijing? If you have then good for you but for all of you that this represents a challenge, worry not. This article is about Beijing local tour and how to get by the best and with least stress! For us that comes from a small city, multi million regions tend to be unwelcoming at first sight but once you learn how to ‘walk these streets’, the fun begins! Beijing has more than 17 million people and when you add tourists to this number, it only increases on a daily basis!

Tours here are endless so here we shall mention hidden gems that locals know best! One of the most popular and inevitable tours is private or group tour to the Chinese wall. As you may (not) know, The great wall of China is one of the few monuments that can be seen from the moon so if you can’t travel to space than travel to the actual wall. The energy of that sight is out of this world and even if you don’t walk the whole wall, you can make amazing photos and buy souvenirs.

When it comes to moving around the city, it is important to know that their metro station functions like a clock and the cab are as cheap as it gets. People are lovely but once that train stops at the station, a stampede of people runs in and out and seeing this sight for the first time may be stressful and exciting at the same time! Buy a map of metro stations and lines so your life in Beijing can be simpler and remember the best route to your hotel!

Many palaces, shrines, and temples are available and it is difficult to decide which one you want to spend your time on. Our most obvious choice was the Forbidden City, of course! All others don’t bring you that wanted adrenaline rush and when something is forbidden, it is also exciting!

Chinese people are very skilful in martial arts and Kung fu shows have become popular all around China. Book your place in any local theatre and enjoy the moves, costumes, and energy of synchronised group working like a well-designed machine! The Red Theatre in Beijing is known for the best shows so check the program online and book the show you think is most interesting!

Food adventures give you a completely new insight to Beijing and for a small fee, you can try many specialities and local dishes but be warned that your local, hometown Chinese restaurants may seem ridiculous after you try the real deal in Beijing! If you are wondering about the safety of Beijing or China for that matter, worry not. It is one of the safest city in the world so you can even feel free to make friends and introduce yourself to the locals. Who knows, maybe you can even help us improve somebody’s experience and make them feel at home?

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