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Greece, with its easy-to-reach location, mild and pleasant climate, unbelievably stunning landscapes, and easy, laid back lifestyle makes it a favorite destination. People who want to run away from the noise of city life have Greece in their minds, for they know that a holiday in this cunning region of Europe equates to a relaxed and pleasurable getaway. Follow the Traveling Greek blog for more interesting tips.


Almost every town of Greece links to its interesting past, the reason why it has become a haven of people with great interest in heritage, history and culture. But its old soul is just the icing of the cake, as there is so much more to see and do in the wonderful land of Greece. Fortunate to possess incredible natural beauty, the region is a great venue for outdoor pursuits.


Its elaborate coastlines are dotted with clear, sparkling waters and fine sands, letting beach-lovers enjoy their day under the sun’s skin-friendly warmth. While water activities are very much in-demand, those who prefer a passive and laid-back recreation enjoy the fine amenities of the cosmopolitan resorts lined-up in its coasts.


Greece’s uncomplicated stature makes it one of the world’s tourist-friendly destinations. One can see the marvels of Greece in any convenient way, may it be by car, motorbike or by foot. The main cities and old neighborhoods are full of contrasting features–well-preserved old mansions, upscale shopping centers, fancy restaurants, traditional souvenir shops, old-fashioned taverns and luxurious hotels are placed side by side resulting to a lovely blending of changing auras.

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Meanwhile, the Greek Islands, composed of over 6,000, is considered the heart of adventure. Dominating the island scene are coves, bays, caves, sands, volcanic soil, steep rocks, sand dunes, pebbles, and waters, making Greek Islands resplendent with indescribable beauty.


Greece – this beautiful country in the Southern Europe never fails to impress the people that come for a vacation. Whatever the reason for coming to this dynamic destination, one will surely leave with life long memories in heart, and a fervid wish to come back.

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