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Hong Kong

Have you ever made a trip to a foreign but multi-million city? If you did, what was your experience? Many people say that when you travel to a place you don’t know anyone and where all functions fast, it is stressful to move around. We often felt like we were all on our own so in that name, we decided to stop that circle and on one example show you how to travel abroad and make the most of your time.

We chose to talk about Hong Kong, where we recently had some business to attend. Of course, what kind of a trip would that be if we didn’t mix some pleasure with it? The first challenge we had to face was airline tickets from Europe to Asia. Frankly, we felt like we were trying to find flights from HK to Bali (which we later found out were very affordable). Luck plays a great role in everything in life so we ended up buying those last-minute deals for a great price.

The thing about travelling to a huge city is preparing all you can in advance. For example, book an airport shuttle agency to pick you up at the airport and find a hotel in time, as soon as possible. This way you are saving both money and time! If you know someone there, ask around how public transportation works and even where to eat outside. Every advice is useful so arm yourself up!

Traveling with a group tends to be less stressful. You feel safer and generally calmer so if possible, book a trip with your friends and prepare to not be alone for a long time. Peace is overrated, right? If you are a loner in a multi-million city at least make sure someone always knows where you are and prepare a good GPS. Not everyone speaks your language (or English) and you might find yourself alone, in Hong Kong expected to know Chinese.

Hong Kong is the city of the future! All the lights may blind you shortly and the bling can make you spend your money fast. It is amazing when you have a lot of it but what if you have to ration it carefully but there is a whisper in your ear making you give it away! Be aware, it is the surrounding of Hong Kong that seduced you!

All in all, we wrote a couple of short pieces of advice about Hong Kong that apply to all mega cities. New York, Tokyo, Berlin, Paris are all the same when it comes to behaviour rules. Read the rules, apply some and adapt and make your own! When you get to it, send us a couple of words about your most useful rule so we can help the others together!

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