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How to Attract More Guests and Provide EV Charging in your Property

The world economy is experiencing a surge in two different perspectives. First, an increasing number of people are discarding hotel stays and choosing private accommodation like Airbnb, and VRBO.

Secondly, many people are purchasing Tesla powered electric vehicles as compared to conventional gas-enabled vehicles.

What does this Mean Exactly?

Property owners have an excellent opportunity by offering electric vehicle charging points to EV owners. This helps your guests for a comfortable stay alongside offering a fuel station in the same place. Though few early Tesla owners received free lifetime charging, nothing is easy as charging your EV vehicle while enjoying a peaceful sleep. Fueling station and a vacation stay go hand in hand, just like cream and berries. Hence, it is better to install an electric vehicle charging station for travelers. Oh! Wait a minute, how can we forget to mention Tesla Model 3 vehicles that were declared as the best-selling luxury vehicle in the world, including in the US.

How to meet the Demands for Growing Numbers of EV drivers?

To meet the demand of increasing numbers of tourists, EV match has come up with an outstanding solution for providing property owners and real estate managers. This would offer eco-friendly, high revenue from a fueling station. match helps the sharing economy by offering a peer-to-peer EV vehicle charging network.

How does it Work?

The property owners or business owners can share their charging point or either can share their installation through the EV match app. This enables them to bring up host listing points. The EV owners can locate the area easily or even they can pay for a single charging session with a single click, either from the computer or mobile app. The travelers can also pay in advance for reserving their chargers that is an extra advantage to attract more guests to your property.

You can offer your charging point to the local public that will allow them to earn more money during the off-season, or when your travelers do not need to use your charger. This way you add an extra lending hand in cutting down dangerous vehicle emissions. However, this is possible because of the EVmatch app as they are providing important features to their guests, such as the reservations feature. It is a great option to rent out your charger even when you are out of the city. You only need to know about managing your reservations whilst watching your pocket getting filled.

This new cutting edge technology will help many homeowners for adding extra income along with cutting down emissions of greenhouse gases. Invariably, this would make the travel easy, simple, and reliable. So, go visit EVmatch and start earning and start bringing down vehicle emissions.

What are the ways for finding an Airbnb listing with EV Charging?

Though you won’t find an Airbnb list that provides EV charger filter to charge your Tesla powered vehicle. However, you can visit the Airbnbase website for getting the entire list of places that are offering you EV chargers in your vacation place. This will help you in saving your valuable time and save you from hassles.

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