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How to stay safe and protect yourself while traveling?

Everywhere you go there are hidden dangers lurking around the corner. The most sensitive targets are actually tourists in a foreign country so If you are planning on being a part of that group, here is what you should know.

We have been listening to many travelers and their experiences all around the world. The advice we are about to give you are based on what we heard from them in order to help you feel and stay as safe as possible on your vacation, wherever you are.

Let’s begin with the foreign language. Most of the people claim that their trip would have been much pleasant if they knew the language of the area. Not all people can speak English, so it could be much more convenient if you knew a couple of the most important phrases in a foreign language. That way you can be sure that no one can trick you into doing or buying something you are not willing to.

Travel insurance often equals safety. Medical or any other bills abroad can be huge, so set some money aside and buy the insurance. Usually, the ones thinking that something can’t happen to them end up laughing to themselves.

Documents such as passports and credit cards should always be close to you. Buy one of those special bags designed to protect your valuables so you can focus on sightseeing instead of possible threats. Still, keep your eyes open at all times. In case something does happen, call your bank as soon as you notice your cards missing so they can block them.

Never walk anywhere alone, especially if you want to see something a bit further from the main street. Follow the tour guide if you have one and walk with a small group of people. Safety is in numbers.

There are many warm and kind people everywhere but there are those looking to scam you as well. They can play you so well you never see it coming. If your hunch tells you something smells fishy, it is possible that that might be the case. Pay only with cash and if you need to get the money from the ATM, we advise you not to do it. Instead, try and find a reliable bank and get the money there. There have been many cases where credit cards have been copied and that can be often difficult to prove.

As soon as you arrive at your destination, ask a front desk clerk in the hotel what is the most reliable taxi service in the city. Write the number down and only travel with them. It could be a bit more expensive but you can’t put the price on safety, can you?

We understand that letting yourself loose and having a couple of drinks is mandatory on a vacation. But, have in mind that getting drunk means you are an easy target for anyone looking to harm you. If you plan on drinking more than usual, it would be nice to have a reliable person close so you can arrive home safely.

Don’t let fear take over your holiday. Looking behind your shoulder all the time can be exhausting so be prepared. Go through these tips and sooner than you know it, you will catch yourself giving a lecture to your fellow companions about safety on the road. Before you go, make sure you check for some great deals at

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