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Iceland Travel Guide

Accompanied by the vastness and serenity of the beautiful North Atlantic Ocean, Iceland has known as most Monument yet most peaceful retreats for those aspirants who find salvation in roaming and traveling around the world. The quietude of Iceland along with some abundance of natural marvel is surely incomparable and astounding.

The intense tectonic and volcanic activity that took place in the past led gradually to the formation of the distinctive land. You will now where find this kind of beauty on this planet. Apart from its natural brilliance, Iceland is known also for its bustling nightlife and entertainment options. Travelling Iceland itself is a pleasure for travelers. A travel guide to Iceland is incomplete without the options that you can explore in this country.

Sights to explore

Iceland has a lot of things to do and see in its bucket. The Pearl Monument is surely the landmark for the travelers that can be found on the top of Oskjuhid. It has a great viewing platform to get stunning views of the city. Museums, galleries, and monuments are plentiful here across the capital city, Reykjavik. These places are surely worth visiting to know the rich nautical history of the place.

In spite of the cultural attractions, the landscape of Iceland and natural beauty are key reasons that the travelers are drawn to Iceland in these droves.

The Blue Lagoon is surely a hugely popular attraction and the geothermal spa.

Another Icelandic pursuit is surely Whale-watching. You can find the pleasure in Husavik, Reykjavik, and Akureyri. Backpackers can enjoy a number of tours to the largest puffin colonies of the world and enjoy the real scene of nature.

Iceland self-drive tours can be designed for extraordinary travelers. With GPS tracking jeeps or cars, one can enjoy the breathtaking glaciers, fiords, rocky areas, mountains, natural parks, caves and the vast stretch of Iceland. Iceland has its network of the roads but the roads do not reach everywhere. It is not possible always to drive to the edge of the glacier or exploring the rough mountain areas. For a driving tour, there are also the options of super jeeps. These vehicles can cover those bustling roads very smoothly.

This place is surely a natural bequest as it has unique diversified geology. The landscapes of the place are largest after Greenland and Antarctica. It is surely the paradise for the hikers. Conversation areas and National Parks are quite appealing to travelers.

Summers are the best time to visiting Iceland. A peaceful holiday here can tempt you with several activities including fishing, horse riding, sea-angling, kayaking, water rafting, snowmobile ride, etc. Another pulsating activity is going on a boat trip.

Places for the food lovers

Exploring a place is incomplete with the foods of the place. The center of Reykjavik is the ideal place to dining out. Here you can explore different types of cuisine from different corners of the world. Your quest for traditional dishes can be met with lamb, choices of fish, dairy items, etc that are staples items in the diet of Iceland. One can try Thorramatur, a local dish of Iceland. A small trip to the supermarket is a wise choice to conjure up your authentic meal.

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