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Important Information That Tourists Need For Traveling To Cyprus

Cyprus is a beautiful island on the Mediterranean Sea, which has turned into a favorite vacation spot for many people from various countries of the world. Lots of wealthy industrialists and celebrities now want to buy properties in Cyprus, to spend peaceful vacations amidst the serene nature of this land. However, foreigners need to be aware of some facts to make their visits to Cyprus more enjoyable and easier. If you are looking to purchase a property in Cyprus, check Scala Properties Cyprus. They have some great offers on their website.

The ideal time of the year to visit Cyprus

Due to the typical Mediterranean climate prevailing in this region, Cyprus experiences hot summers and mild winters. The summer season lasts from June to October here and August is the hottest month on this island when the temperature rises to 31°C. Generally, tourists from European countries prefer the summer for visiting Cyprus, as they love the sunny and warm climate of this season. However, they should carry only light cotton clothes and sunscreen, to remain comfortable and safe from harsh sunlight.

Tourists from non-European countries mostly prefer the milder weather of spring in Cyprus when the sea is in a perfect state for swimming or other water sports. They may also visit this country during winter when the daytime has a comfortable mild temperature and nights are a bit cooler. The lowest temperature experienced in winter is around 17°C but days are more cloudy and rainy during the winter months in Cyprus. However, sightseeing in Cyprus remains enjoyable in all seasons, which allows tourists to visit this island at any time of the year.

Flights available for traveling to Cyprus

Larnaca International Airport and Paphos International Airport are two prime airports of Cyprus, where numerous airlines run regular flights, connecting different cities of the world. Ercan International Airport is open only for flights connecting cities of Turkey. British Airways, Ryanair, Norwegian, Emirates, Gulf Air, Qatar Airways, Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Egypt Air, and Turkish Airlines are the prominent airlines that operate several flights to Cyprus. Tourists may search online and compare the prices of flight tickets offered by various airlines on the same route, to find the cheapest airline that can carry them to Cyprus from their homelands.

Things to do before visiting Cyprus

Obtain a visa – Like any foreign tour, it is essential to obtain a visa or permit for entering the island country of Cyprus. Tourists can apply online for a visa, by citing the reason for this tour and submitting all valid documents required for the process. The application and these documents are verified before granting the visa for visiting Cyprus.

Exchange currency – Since Cyprus is a part of the European Union, Euro is the local currency of this country. Tourists should exchange the currency of their homeland to get some Euros in hand before starting their tour to Cyprus.

Know about local culture – It is important to have some knowledge about the local culture of Cyprus, as it has a rich cultural background. Tourists should follow certain social norms while staying here and they should not get into controversies with local people.

Thus, it is now very simple to plan a vacation on this fascinating island. Foreigners do not need to worry about booking accommodations if they buy properties in Cyprus, to enjoy a more comfortable stay at their own homes.

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