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Information of Banned Materials That You Cannot Carry on a Flight

When you travel by air, you want the airline to take care of your safety on the flight. Hence, all airlines impose some strict guidelines about carrying things in the checked and cabin luggage of passengers. You need to go through the baggage guidelines on the websites of airlines before starting your tour plan. If you are found carrying any banned item while scanning your bags, you may face legal hassles and your flight ticket can be canceled as well.

Things prohibited in both checked and cabin baggage

You cannot carry any corrosive liquid, like mercury, acids, and aggressive alkalis, for which wet batteries and concerned apparatus are also prohibited from carrying onboard. All types of inflammable liquids are also prohibited from including in your baggage packed for a flight. Portable cylinders having compressed gases of both inflammable and non-inflammable nature are not allowed to be carried on a flight, due to the risks of explosion.

You cannot pack oxidizing chemicals, like bleaching powder, in your baggage. Poisonous substances, like pesticides and weed-destroyers, are also not allowed to be carried, for safeguarding the health of other passengers. Fireworks and other explosive materials are also regarded as banned items for your baggage on a flight.

Materials prohibited for packing in the cabin baggage

You should not carry knives, scissors, blades, and other sharp tools that can cause even mild injuries unless these things are securely packed. You are not allowed to carry electronic gadgets that cannot be switched off while on flight and can disturb other passengers. Different types of liquid cosmetics, like shampoo, perfume, skincare lotions, face wash, and hair sprays, can be carried in small air-tight containers made of transparent materials. You may also carry your favorite beverage in a small aerosol in a plane without being prevented by baggage checkers. It is better to avoid packing scary toys, like toy guns, which may create alarm among your fellow passengers.

Prohibited items for your checked baggage

You should not pack large home appliances, like microwave oven, gas oven, TV, DVD player, which can be easily damaged while going through all the safety checking procedures at airports. Sacks of raw food grains cannot be carried in your checked baggage due to their bulky weight. Materials having sharp metal rods should not be packed in your luggage, which can injure others while checking. Passengers are not allowed to pack heavy steel products in their checked baggage, as that can be too inconvenient for all. Too many oily foods, like pickles, and oil-based materials, like paints, can cause a huge mess, for which such products are also banned from packing in your checked baggage.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – SEPTEMBER 24: Passengers and crew onboard a Qantas Boeing 737-800, flight number QF735 from Sydney to Adelaide at Sydney Airport on September 24, 2020 in Sydney, Australia. Flights from Sydney to Adelaide have resumed after the South Australian government’s decision to lift COVID-19 travel restrictions for NSW residents. From Thursday 24 September, travellers from New South Wales are able to enter South Australia without having to go into a mandatory 14-day quarantine. (Photo by James D. Morgan/Getty Images)

Hence, you need to check the website of the airline from where you purchased your air tickets. In this way, you can get the details of all products that should not be carried in the checked and cabin baggage. Some airlines allow passengers to carry alcohol-based liquids filled in an aerosol in a plane so that they can relish the drink while traveling.

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