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The number of visitors coming to Italy year in, year out only speaks of one thing: the country has a timeless beauty that makes it one of the most-visited places in the world. The different facts of Italy, bound by history, art, fashion, wine, and food, add to every traveler’s bliss. With varied interests defining Italy, deep gratification is achieved and life-long memories are created when touring the country.
italian-riviera1-slide1 Roman Radiance || Rome ItalyItaly, being the hometown of Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Giotto, Botticelli, Titian, Donatello, and other art legends, is heaven-on-earth for art enthusiasts. From mosaics to fresco, from paintings to sculptures, Italy’s artworks are truly divine. The old soul of Italy is very much alive courtesy of the ruins of ancient Rome, the temples of ancient Greece, their respective gods and goddesses, and their mythology.
Italy_980x300(1) Italy-holidaysThe cities are unique and distinct from one another, and one must devote time to see each of them: the romantic canals of Venice, the stunning architecture of Florence, and the influential fashion of Milan. The small villages have something to be proud of as well, such as Ravenna’s Byzantine mosaics, Apulia’s baroque churches, and Chianti’s sweet wines. Mediterranean food, on the other hand, is all over Italy, and one is bound to discover what authentic pizza, pasta, cappuccino and gelato taste like.
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In Italy, “the beauty of doing nothing” is a way of living. This country is laid-back, calm and serene, with unbelievably-friendly people and naturally-stunning environment. A holiday in Italy means spending a lazy afternoon in one of its plazas, enjoying a freshly-brewed coffee in a quaint café, chatting with a new friend in the local pub, or basking on its magical beaches. Suffice it to say, Italy getaway means to revel in an unfamiliar leisure in the surrounds of a world-renowned beauty.

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