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Let your soul be wild and young in Ibiza

We are all born free. Free to think, work and do things by our own will. To survive and enjoy life to the fullest you must have means of living which is money and money is earned by working (mostly). Every working woman and man know that the most exciting part of the year is vacation season. All the planning and anticipation makes your blood boil and you can’t wait to leave to your well-earned couple of weeks free. What if we told you that one well-known travel destination is rediscovered in a new way. A way that makes you feel young, free and excited and you deserved it! Stay with us as we take you on a journey to Ibiza, an island known for endless fun, never ending music and happy, careless people.

Three magic words, right? When was the last time you felt like 18 again? Some of you just turned 18 but don’t feel like it since the daily routine consumed us. In Ibiza, it is where it all changes! As soon as you step foot on the island, you will be welcomed by smiling locals ready to show you how you can relax and start the fun. Almost all hotels on Ibiza come with nightclubs or have one of those in the proximity so you have to know there won’t be much sleeping in the night (not that you will feel tired). Be prepared and don’t be surprised when you see how many people are dancing in the streets. They truly seem like there is no worry on their minds so feel free to join them. The feeling will consume you and it will stay there during your whole trip. It is simply the vibe of the island.

Close to 3000 hours of sunshine during the year will work in your favor. The temperature of the water is also perfect from May until November so that is also one less thing to worry about. The food is mostly Mediterranean but many restaurants offer a wide variety of foreign dishes. Our warmest recommendation is to spend your morning sleeping or laying around, after all, you have been parting all night. Afternoons are reserved for resting on the beach, sipping a cold cocktail and eating some local fruits. Dinner is optional. You can either find a restaurant and enjoy a fancy dish or you can find a local bar where you can eat and warm-up for the upcoming party!

Let it be known, not only parties are fun on Ibiza. You can also rent a motorboat in Ibiza and explore the surroundings with your friends. Maybe you come across a secluded part of the island where you suddenly get a motivation to have fun and you let the music play. Options are endless, you must admit.

At the end of your visit say thank you to all the things that reminded you you still got it. After all, you are coming back to reality where you will, once again, glaze in the distance during the working hours, remembering how you danced with the beat of happiness and youth!

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