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Minsk, Belarus

Have you always been jealous of your friends after they come from their vacation? Always looking fresh after coming back from all those tropical or exotic destination while you still have no idea where you want to spend your time off? In this short but educational article, we don’t only offer you a solution to this ‘problem’ but we also solve all other potential problems while on vacation.

Let’s talk a bit about less known destinations in Europe. Paris, Barcelona, London and many others have been visited so many times that people started searching for other hidden gems all around. We can proudly say that Minsk is our diamond in the rough! You made that weird face, didn’t you? Continue reading and soon you will be planning a trip to Belarus with a huge smile on your face.

After many wars, revolutions, and fights for independence, this exciting country opened its doors to foreigners all around the world making Minsk, it’s capital, a very popular destination. For all history lovers, hedonists and adventurists this city is inevitable on the to-do list and here are some reasons why!

To begin with, the capital of Belarus is a city that historically can easily be compared to Rome or other ancient capitals. Walking along the Independence avenue you may see just a drop in the sea of monuments, historical buildings, and sites. The only problem you could be facing is where to turn your head. After visiting Minsk many times we came to the conclusion that this article is far to short to make a list of things to see. You can rather arrange a tour guide who is specialized in Belarusian history and only than you can have great sightseeing.

Some of the activities we don’t want you to miss are so simple and so easy to overlook if you don’t know what you are doing. Let’s take a metro ride as an example. Rather than looking at the people in the metro train or looking at all the adds on the train walls, rais your head and look outside. Noticing something interesting on the walls of the station? Artworks all around-so smart and exciting!

What is the last time you visited a circus? Belarusian state circus is one of the cheapest ways to spend an evening filled with tears of laughter and neverending fun! And the circus building looks amazing as well!

Is someone an animal lover? If so, Minsk zoo is definitely a place to be! If you are a cat person and want some close contact with these smart creatures, make sure to visit a Minsk cat coffee before you leave.

Minsk is a city of parks and gardens, so pick your favorite book and bring a blanket to a park of your choosing. Soon you will find yourself drifting away and that is the most efficient way to rest your brain!

Earlier, as the city was preparing to be on the list of famous tourist destination, they were facing a problem. The airport was usually far from other destinations in the city and there was a limited amount of cars covering these destinations. Nowadays this problem is not existing as Minsk Airport taxi is always at your service. It is safe, fast and always at your service. For a certain fee, you don’t only get a ride but also a warm welcome and a few special tips. What more can one look for while on vacation?

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