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Niagara Falls, Canada

If there is one place to see in Canada, the Niagara Falls must be it. Always part of every traveler’s bucket list, Niagara Falls is a destination that never paused in amusing visitors all over the globe. Because of its romantic setting and dramatic scenery, this spot has reigned as a honeymoon capital for quite a while. But now that more and more interesting attractions are being connected to Niagara Falls, and more and more family-oriented adventures go along with the trip, Niagara Falls is aptly considered one of the best destinations the whole family should see.

Niagara Falls 4

Nature must be kind to Canada for blessing it with such enormous wonder, and no amount of man-made creation can topple down its grandeur. The falls have two distinct sides, the American side encompassing a State and Nature Park, and the Canada side which has most of the breathtaking views of the mighty falls. It is always advised to witness both sides to appreciate both its unique perspectives.

Niagara Falls

Apart from the fall’s majestic beauty, travelers’ satisfaction for the region’s amenities cannot be denied. They enjoy the roster of tourist-friendly accommodations, from the modest inn to the upscale, luxurious resort. On the sides of Niagara Falls, wide range of events are worth partaking such as the nightlife, the casinos, and the concerts; or for a more laid-back moment, there are spa and wellness centers, the shopping hubs, and the dining scene.

Niagara Falls

If traveling with kids, there is no need to worry as boredom will instantly escape once the kids set foot in this energetic region. What’s good about the Niagara Falls trip is the added attraction—the Lewiston. Lewiston is one of the options when getting out from the region Niagara Falls, and while there, exploring Lewiston’s Artpark State Park, the Niagara Escarpment, and The Sand Docks in Lewiston adds to the experience.

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