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Ojai, California


In the springtime California’s Ojai becomes a piece of heaven on earth. Like Japan and its ethereal cherry blossoms, Ojai has won nature lovers over with its citrus tree blossoms that make the whole city intoxicating fragrant. Wildflowers and other lush foliage paint the hillside with lovely vibrant hues, inviting more hikers and bikers to explore its trails. Those looking for some rest and relaxation endear themselves with plentiful springtime spa treatments, all soaked with freshly picked local ingredients. And throughout the year there are plenty of hotspots to explore in Ojai’s country roads, village centers, wineries, and farms. Ojai may be the smallest city in Ventura County, but it certainly is the proudest. And after discovering its natural beauty, you’d say it has every right to be so.

Tourist Attractions

Ojai’s charms are plenty. It is a community long known for health enthusiasts, musicians, and artists. The vibrant place is filled with art galleries, delightful shops, and retreats that offer a break from California’s fast paced lifestyle. Oak-shaded paths lead tourists to serene attractions. In the heart of town is Libbey Park, brimming with mighty oaks and plenty of picnic areas. Visit Friend’s ranch for Pixie sampling, orchard tours, and a wondrous chance to pick your own bag of goodies.

Best Hotel Accommodations

Located along Ojai Avenue, the Best Western Casa Ojai is the top choice among budget-conscious travelers. Free breakfasts, internet access, and parking are offered to all guests along with access to a fitness center and pool. The Ojai Valley Inn Resort and Spa along Country Club Road is an award-winning resort that caters to California’s elite. Activities include horseback riding, tennis, wine tasting, and even a championship golf school. The resort’s luxury pa is a sure winner. Book your Ojai Hotels with

When to Visit

Ojai is most beautiful in springtime. Libbey Park is the site of Ojai Music Festival, one of the region’s most-awaited events. Held early in June, the citrusy atmosphere laces with vibrant music, attracting large crowds in Libbey Park’s lawns and wooden benches. In the same month the Ojai Wine Festival is celebrated near Lake Casitas. Kids can play at the water adventure or enjoy fishing opportunities in the lake. In the summer the Ojai Center for the Arts hosts the annual Summer Art Stroll and showcases works of several artists. Have a taste of small-town Americana atmosphere with the Independence Day Parade and other festivities. Parades feature horses, kids, and ltos of homemade floats.

Things to Do

Ojai also has a reputation as a golfer’s paradise. One of North America’s top 25 golf resorts, the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa is perfect for those who are used to luxuries. The inn took an extensive renovation to cater guests of all backgrounds. The award-winning golf course is just near the beautiful public course of Soule Park. After playing several rounds, head to the numerous restaurants that surround the village. Enjoy the newly harvested fresh meals offered at low prices. Try the Farmer and the Cook along Meniers Oaks. The locally owned produce shop and vegetarian restaurant highlights a freshly picked organic salad bar. Experience Ojai’s springtime bloom with activities such as horseback riding, biking, hiking, or even aboard a back-country jeep tour. Join wine or olive tasting while you’re on your way. Scour for some home décor, handmade jewelry, and pieces of fine art in the lovely Ojai Village.

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