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Pamukkale Excursions

Discover the limestone travertines and the ancient city of Hierapolis in Pamukkale! There are several excursions in Pamukkale you can join where you get to know the local history and culture in a unique, authentic and responsible way. Imagine yourself back in time in one of the world’s oldest spa and health centre.

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Dream away at the cotton castle of Pamukkale!

There is a spectacular formation of terraces that have been created over thousands of years. It looks like a waterfall of snow, but the pools are filled with turquoise mineral-rich water that the flowing water has left behind. For thousands of years, this water with an average temperature of 36 degrees Celsius flowed down the hill. Due to the combination of carbon dioxide and salt, huge white salt banks were created. Dip into one of the pools and enjoy the gorgeous view.

Go back in time and visit the ancient city of Hierapolis.

The water has always been known for its healing benefits. That is why the Romans built Hierapolis near this 2000-year-old health resort. You will see old streets, a theatre with 13,000 seats and of course the thermal baths. A swim in one of the thermal pools is certainly worth it especially when you realize that you are in an oasis of Roman ruins.

Cleopatra’s Pool

This is the most popular thermal pool in Pamukkale named after the Queen of Egypt because it is believed that she swam in this pool. The temperature of the water is 36 degrees Celsius all year round and it is famous for its miraculous healing benefits. The shape of this antique pool has been formed due to an earthquake in the 7th century A.D. The marble portico fell into the pool during this natural disaster and remains like that till today. Bring your diving mask and snorkel to have a great vision of these ruins of history.

Hierapolis Archaeological Site

The theatre is a big and well-preserved construction built by the emperor Hadrian. The theatre can accommodate around 15,000 people with 50 rows of seats of each 92 meters long. Hierapolis was already famed for its sacred hot springs more than 2000 years ago. The ancients believed that Hierapolis was founded by the god Apollo. The steam coming from the hot springs was associated with Pluto, the god of the underworld. You can find a sealed off toxic cave here which was believed to be a passageway to the underworld. Other ruins worth seeing in Hierapolis during a Pamukkale excursion are the necropolis and the main street.

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Flying over Pamukkale in a Hot Air Balloon

Have you always wanted to fly with the birds? It is an amazing experience to slowly glide with the wind and watch the peaceful landscape and the ancient city pass below. While in the basket you can expect a smooth ride but the thing about flying in a hot air balloon is that the weather and the wind both need to be perfect. Therefore, all flights are scheduled early in the morning because there’s less chance the flight will be cancelled. It’s best to book your hot air balloon excursion early in your trip, just in case it gets cancelled. This way, you’ll have more chances to try again another day.

Pamukkale Paragliding

Another great Pamukkale excursion is paragliding. This is a great opportunity to see the ancient city of Hierapolis, the antique pool and the Cotton Castle from above. It is an exciting experience that no one should miss out on. Finally, you can make your dream come true!

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