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Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is a land of multiple tribes, virgin rain forest, glowing volcanoes and lush mountains. Its magical landscape encompasses mighty rivers, lengthy waterfalls and clear lakes. The mainland is bordered by several islands that play host to pristine beaches, untouched coral reefs and secret jungles all serving as the region’s wildlife, flora and fauna’s sanctuary. With all these occurring, Papua New Guinea must really be a paradise for nature enthusiasts.
Papua New Guinea is also known to have abundant WWII memories, such as a Japanese submarine sighted in Rabaul, as well as the Kokoda Track Memorial Railway. Even under the sea, one can find memoirs of war, and divers can attest how the WWII wrecks, such as merchant ships and fighter jets, greatly contribute to the preservation of its reefs.
The Highlands region is where the land’s highest mountain is found and the home of many tribal regions. Climbing the highest peak is quite easy, and local guides are always ready to assist. From there, the scenic view is indescribable. Flightseeing is getting popular, as there is no better way to appreciate the magnificent landscapes than seeing it up in the air. In Papua New Guinea, flying through airstrips is truly a unique adventure.
Papua New Guinea, being the home innumerable tribes, are full of colorful festivals and tribe activities worthy to be seen. Partaking on tribe festivals, most specially the Sing Sing Festival, is an absolute must. Not only tourists are awed by such one-of-a-kind performance, it is their way of financially helping the tribe as well.
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Being a fast-rising tourist destination, visitor-friendly accommodations have sprawled in and around Papua New Guinea’s tourist spots. The evolvement of Papua New Guinea as one of the world’s best destinations makes the locals truly proud of the home they live in, and they are getting ready to introduce the beauty of their region to the whole world.

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