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Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico may have a modest size, but its overall dimension does not disqualify it to be one of the best destinations to be. Its cultural blending alone—a mix of Indian, African and Spanish—is enough to bring out one’s curiosity, what more its natural attractions made of sandy beaches, sparkling waters, and lush tropical forests. Its dramatic history is highly-regarded as evidenced by well-maintained ancient structures and historic buildings, while it continues to welcome modernity seen in its extensive dining scene, posh shopping centers and pulsating night life.


What’s even great is that all these can be seen and experienced with ease, thanks to its mild climate and easy-to-navigate routes. Definitely a tourist-oriented place, Puerto Rico is not to be missed when planning a holiday in a Caribbean Island.


The Old San Juan is the heart of Puerto Rico’s old soul, and the best way to tour this district is through a hop-on-hop-off trolley. Art lovers, may be ancient or contemporary, must visit Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico, arguably the greatest art museum in the Caribbean. When it comes to waves, wind, and warmth, there is no better place than Rincon, a famed beach town on the west coast and is hailed as the beach capital of Puerto Rico.

puerto_rico window_cave

Rincon is where surfing, diving, swimming, beach-lounging, dining, partying and shopping simultaneously happen which makes it irresistible to both locals and tourists. And for the more adventurous type, the island’s crown jewel, El Yunque National Forest, is a haven for hiking, climbing and hunting enthusiasts. The forest’s cloudy and foggy surrounds is a challenge, but on a clear day, this spot gives out the most stunning views of the island scenery.


Puerto Rico is no question a lovely place, and its contrasting features make it an intriguing, interesting, and worth-seeing place. Tourists come in with an anticipation of a memorable getaway, and leaves with no hesitation of coming back.

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