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Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

The Rio De Janeiro is called “The Marvelous City” or Cidade Maravilhosa to locals, and it has gained such title for all the right reasons. As Brazil’s second largest city, Rio De Janeiro is known to the world due to its legendary attractions, iconic sights, mile-long beaches, and dynamic street festivals. Sitting in the region’s most stunning location, the city is teeming with natural setting and dazzling landscapes. With distinct attributes such as these, there is no wonder why Rio De Janeiro is one of the world’s most-visited.

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From Ipanema to Copacabana, the magnificent beaches of Rio De Janeiro are always on the spotlight. The beach atmosphere is always alive, just like the celebrations happening in the energetic streets of the city. Unarguably the most popular celebration here is the Carnival, the annual Mardi Gras festival. Drawing crowds from near and far, the colorful festival serves as a gateway in discovering the city’s culture, entertainment and people, alongside local culinary, arts and crafts.

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When traveling to Rio De Janeiro, one must be alert in pressing the camera button, as every turn is worthy to be photographed. Its natural treasures, mostly confined in Tijuca National Park, are genuinely divine. The Sugar Loaf Mountain, emerging from the Guanabara Bay, is one of the most-photographed attractions here. Most of all, the grand statue of the Christ the Redeemer, positioned atop the highest portion of the Corcovado Peak, is one of the world’s phenomenal man-made creations.

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Because of its friendly climate, touring Rio De Janeiro can be done anytime of the year. Notably, the months of December to March have more visitors than usual, as it is the months when the festivals take place and the beaches are ready. Without casting any doubt, Rio De Janeiro grants the kind of travel experience hard to forget.

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