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Rockport, Massachusetts

Figuring out your next vacation venue is never easy, don’t you agree? But, those kinds of problems are sweeter than sour and all you need to do is talk a bit with your friends and family and surf the Internet. For this second piece of advice, we are here today offering you an article about a small town in Massachusetts- Rockport. Ass you can see from its name, it is a port with no more than 10.000 people living in it but what is interesting is that you won’t ever see it be empty. Thousands of tourists visit Rockport each month and tourism is growing there by the day. We also did not believe what we read about it so we decided to pay it a short visit and ended up wanting to stay for one more week.

Rockport is placed and an hour from Boston and it is a truly romantic getaway from the city rush. More and more inns and hotels are being built by the day but all the buildings fit the surroundings and they all have their place. If you are interested in history, there you will find tons of historic sites locals are proud of. Many festivals are taking place here for 10 months a year and the magical harbor surrounded by green hills attracts artists from all over the world.

Miles of sandy beaches surround this town and the area around it. One of the most famous is Wingaersheek Beach and tourists tend to choose this one a lot. It is located in the neighboring town of Gloucester. This is such a beautiful beach and great for kids who want to go hunting for clams, hermit crabs and other sea creatures. Be sure to check out the tide schedule and try to get there when the tide is low. Parking can be tight, so try to get there early.

Wingaersheek Beach

On these beaches, you can rest all day doing nothing in peace or you can go diving or even kayaking. Many activities are offered depending on the season but what is special all year long are the sunsets. Many sunny days allow you to stay enchanted by the view of the golden sun slowly hiding from the world. The view is breathtaking and it is worth taking photos of.

Like every coastal town, Rockport diners also serve fresh seafood delicacies. Many restaurants take pride in English breakfasts, rich lunches, and fancy or relaxed dinners. Sipping a glass of your favorite wine while you soak in the fresh air and gorgeous view. What more can a person ask for?

If you are looking for fancy shops and malls, you won’t find any in Rockport. What you can expect is local shops with handcrafted gifts and jewelry and sometimes one or two unique imported peace of art. You never know what the sailors came across on their long trips away from home.

Still not sure whether you should step foot to this charming harbor? It is okay not to spend your whole vacation in it but if you ever come across Boston for any reason, take two days and hideaway in Rockport. Who knows, you might even fall in love!

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