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Santa Cruz, CA Vacation rentals

You may perhaps have planned to make a trip to Santa Cruz, but don’t know where to start. Early planning including booking Santa Cruz Vacation Rentals ensures you can avoid the hassles that arise with late planning. This region is indeed one of the top places in California to enjoy your holidays, either alone or with your family. Santa Cruz is rightly termed as ‘Nature’s Playground’. There are plenty of activities to suit all ages and you are sure to want to come back again for more.

Exciting sight scenes to visit

Santa Cruz coast boasts of having several beaches. It includes fishing beaches, jogging beaches, beaches to windsurf or take long walk beaches, hunting seashells, plain relaxing beaches, construct sand castles, etc. You should take out time to check out the wildlife here by hiring a kayak or visit ‘Monterey Bay Aquarium’. Capitola Vacation Rentals assures its guests of providing a safe and relaxing haven.

Other activities to enjoy

This region has abundance of natural treasures. Biking and hiking through the forest is indeed a real treat for all nature lovers. Some other treasures here are the forests like Henry Cowell, Fenton; Nisene-Marks State Park. You may also explore the trails that go along the beaches. Hikes are offered in different trails to match your ability and interest. But whatever trail you take, you are sure to find breath-taking sceneries. For those who are more adventurous at heart and active can rock climb, sail, windsurf or surf. By booking Santa Cruz Vacation Rentals, you can never go wrong and will enjoy every moment of your stay.

The other adventure to have here is riding a horse in the redwoods. You can also visit the Roaring Camp to check out the historical railroad or learn surfing at ‘O’ Neil’s. If you have time, then take a bicycle on rent at Santa Cruz Boardwalk. Ride to your heart’s satisfaction along East Cliff Drive and check out the cliffs and end your trip at Natural Bridges. The latter is stated to be a phenomenon with two naturally arches forming a wonderful bridge. However, a storm had swept it away and presently there just remains one. To ensure having a relaxed stay, you need to find the top Capitola Vacation Rentals here.

Picking fruits

You can pick your choice of fruit at Wasonville. Several Y-pick farms are present here that offer a pleasurable experience. Your holiday moods can be further enhanced by selecting the best Santa Cruz Vacation Rentals for your stay.

Stock photograph of the charming city of Capitola, California, USA.

Indulging in self-pleasure

Santa Cruz also boasts of having numerous day spas providing a refreshing and relaxing experience to both women and men. You can find here day spas that offer body treatments, saunas, private hot tubs, holistic treatments, massages, etc. You may also dine at one of the beachside cafes or elegant restaurants and order local vegetables and fish that are served fresh. If you are a vegetarian, you can find here several delicacies being offered at the restaurants. Also are present health food stores where you can shop for organic produce, vitamins and good eats.

If you are seeking a comfortable lodging within your budget, then Capitola Vacation Rentals is sure to fulfil your dreams.

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