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Santiago, Chile

Santiago is Chile’s capital city, and its dramatic location between the Pacific and the Andes is more than enough to take the breath away. As a perfect base for thrilling activities such as trekking, climbing and skiing, its picturesque scenery and pleasant atmosphere also makes Santiago an ideal place for a relaxed and laid-back getaway, encouraging passive activities such as wine tasting and sunbathing. Many people pass by Santiago on their way to other destinations, but upon discovering the city, there is an instant urge to stay quite longer. With a long list of interesting places to see, visiting Santiago is definitely more than just a single day journey.


The city of Santiago is embraced by mighty mountains and what better way to see the city’s landscape than by climbing and eye-feasting on the breathtaking views from above. Cerro San Cristóbal gives out the most stunning views of the city, with the sight of Andes as an added backdrop. For the adventure-seekers, trekking, cycling, water-rafting and other adrenaline-pumping activities are the best ways to explore Santiago.


There are ski resorts in and around the city, as well as beaches courtesy of the not-far-away Pacific Ocean. Apart from its natural beauty, Santiago is best known for its local wineries and vineyards. As one of the top wine producers around the globe, Santiago encourages visitors to taste their world-class wines and have a look on its serene vineyards. Every winery produces a unique, distinct taste, so hopping from one winery to the next is the way to go.


Santiago certainly has the features that appeal to tourists. Since the city has been nicely-influenced by its neighboring cosmopolitan cities, service-oriented hotels, shopping centers, fine restaurants, night clubs, and family-friendly attractions have sprawled in just a short time, adding pleasure and delight to everyone visiting the city. With all these happening in the beloved city of Santiago, every step is definitely a moment to remember.

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