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Sarlat-la-Caneda, educational pleasure in one vacation

Are you one of those people who have a huge family that always quarrels when it’s vacation time because you just can’t seem to agree on a vacation destination? Or are you just a person who wants to have pleasure and education in one visit? Well, we might have found just the right place, both for big families and for one man trip! The solution lies in a small town in the heart of France called Sarlat-la-Caneda. In this fairytale medieval town, you will be able to find not only peace and rest but also busy streets and adventures!

When talking about France what is the first taught that comes into your mind? Heavenly food, wine for Gods and romantic hotels? You are all but wrong! It is exactly like that, especially in Sarlat! To begin with, let’s talk about places to stay in. Sarlat hotel booking is not an easy task especially if it is vacation season. Our warmest recommendation is that you book your stay months or at least weeks in advance or sometimes even co tacting the hotel directly rather than choosing one of those websites for more convenient accommodation booking. After you have chosen a hotel that best suits your needs (and trust us, there are many) moves onto the activities!

Personally, our favorite was a Sarlat gourmet tour and market visit with tastings! To be honest, we have not yet met a person that decided to miss or avoid these types of tours! And it is for a good reason. In this case, it is hand made delicacies combined with golden or ruby wines from valleys in the near. The fee for this activity is symbolic since it enriches not only your soul but your taste buds as well! What a gift, right?

After an afternoon of good food comes physical activity. Let’s take a straw down old paths of lords and madams and visit Beynac and Domme villages. Yes, you would have to walk a lot but trust us on this one, it would be worth it! At some point stop and close your eyes. Some people swear they had a feeling like they were in a time capsule, transferred somewhere into another dimension in time. How about you, what do you feel?

There is also a Dordogne boat ride which is more than a pleasurable experience, especially in the spring or autumn. Imagine a soft breeze stroking your skin while gently going down the river. Listen to the sound water makes. That same river has been carrying many more before you and it will continue to do so even long after we are gone. Imagine the secrets it holds!

If you seem unsure about which activity to choose then please don’t hesitate and visit a local tourist office and ask for help. There are some attractions that you should not miss according to your preferences and certified tour guide will best give you directions. And pretty often some locals find it pleasurable to jump in and help with advice.

Still unsure about whether to visit Sarlat? Sarlat-la-Caneda hotels have a way of attracting people since their unique charm reveals a true face once you step foot on their ground! After a great hotel has been visited, the well-chosen activity will just ensure your fairytale does not end!

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