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Easy lifestyle is very prominent in Spain, making it the preference of people running away from the stress of everyday grind. But Spain is definitely more than beaches and landscapes, gardens and squares. Here is where colorful events, fiestas as the locals call it, happen in frequent manners. It is here where the stunning architecture of buildings of the past is highly-preserved.

It is here where authentic local cuisine is cooked and presented to perfection. And it is here where genuine smiles welcome visitors, coupled with world-class accommodations and tourist-friendly rates. With all these in a synchronous manner, it becomes clear why Spain is one of the world’s must-see places. If you are travelling there soon, you should consider a nice and cosy Spain holiday villa. It is a great way to feel home away from home.

While the majestic jagged-edged mountains are ideal for hiking, climbing, and skiing during winter, Spain’s Mediterranean coves, on the other hand, make this region popular for beach and sand lovers. The coast of the quaint city of San Sebastian is worth mentioning and in fact, it has made the region a popular surfing site. Nature lovers are not just fond of Spain’s natural blessings, they also see this country as a vast playground for adventure and outdoor pursuits.

The memoirs of the distant past are very evident and nostalgic air is felt in every turn, thanks to ruins, cathedrals, and the ancient yet iconic architecture that is mostly centered in Barcelona. Being the hometown of Antoni Gaudí, Salvador Dalí, and Pablo Picasso, there is no way one cannot discern the strength of the country’s art and architecture.

Spain may be laid-back, but it is here where most of the lively festivals in the world happens. Each district has its own unique festival to present, including Pamplona’s Running with the Bulls, Valencia’s La Tomatina Festival, and Madrid’s Bull Fight to name a few. Not to be missed is Flamenco, and dancing it in the land where it was born adds to the lifelong memory of Spain getaway.

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