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Asia must be proud to have beautiful and worth-traveling countries, and Thailand is unarguably one of them. There is an estimated 15 million of tourists going to Thailand year in, year out, and that fact alone tells how the wonders and beauty of this country is known all over the globe. One feature that makes this country stand out is its colorful mix of cultures—it is able to maintain its rich heritage while it continues to grow its urban and commercial scenes. From upscale shopping malls and fine international restaurants, to quaint farmlands and exotic villages, there are endless reasons why Thailand must be part of the bucket list.
lake-bridge-thailand Historic-House-ThailandThailand is a tropical country, but it is actually the warm weather that drives people to bask on the country’s stunning beaches. Most of the incredibly gorgeous beaches are found in the islands and provinces, including Railay, Kata Noi, and Nai Harn to name a few.
Railay-Beach thailandThe former Siamese Kingdom, Ayutthaya, has ruins and temples worth exploring, and what better way to discover them all than to ride the traditional river boat. Meanwhile, Khao Yai National Park summarizes everything Mother Nature has blessed this country, and guided tours, night safaris and easy trails are the perfect ways to appreciate the stupendous scenery.
Thailand-5 Thailand3No history and culture buff leaves the country without having a sight of The Grand Palace and Wat Pho, and for the shopping enthusiasts, the Chatuchak weekend market and the Ratchaburi floating market. And after a long, demanding day, a traditional Thai spa treatment is hard to resist. In Thailand, this wellness practice is more than just a physical gratification—it is actually a wellness treatment originated from different Asian traditions that is highly-regarded as an effective therapy in healing the body, soothing the mind, and enriching the soul.

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