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The Great Himalayan Trail

A country known for its significantly unique types of mountain ranges and culture, Nepal has often been the spot for tourists to visit and enjoy the various trips and treks like the Everest Base Camp or the Nar Phu Valley.

Nepal houses the best of this world, one of them includes The Great Himalayan Trail. This article will be focusing on the subject of what exactly the Great Himalayan Trail is and why a tourist should visit it first as part of their official Nepal trip.

The trail of enlightenment

The Great Himalayan Trail or GHT in Nepal is not just something that could be forgotten in the bylanes of memories, GHT can be truly a profound experience for a person who has just started their journey on the trail.

GHT not only offers hundreds of treks but also a beautiful environment to camp in. From the mountains like Kanchenjunga, the third-highest peak in the world, or the Makalu, a mountain with the shape of a pyramid that can behold the spectacle of a true marvel.

What is there to not decide to travel to GHT?

In essence, The Great Himalayan Trail acts like a chain link for various treks and tourist destination spots to make it easier for a person to reach the desired area of their choice. GHT covers over 16 districts, ranging from Dolpa that connects itself to the Tibetan Plateau to the Darchula, which borders India.


GHT offers various Fauna and wildlife that owes to its overall natural beauties, from the rarely found Snow Leopards to the Red Pandas. To even the Himalayan Tahr. The ecosystem is always proliferating with a naturally cool winter. Trekking in the Himalayas will allow you to truly experience a spiritual reawakening.


Probably the main point of this trail, there are various treks and spots you can visit through GHT, including the Upper Dolpo Trek, the Everest. One can even reach Far West Nepal, which is often rarely trekked upon since it is slightly hard to reach. But it can be a rewarding experience for someone who is trekking since the Far West end of Nepal is a unique natural beauty of its own.

You will also be led by some of the best highly experienced high-altitude mountaineering guides of Nepal in your journey throughout the enormous trail. Fret not, for you won’t have to walk around like a confused sheep, for there are various hotels for you to stop by and relax both before and after your long journey, one of them being the famous Radisson Hotel located in Kathmandu.

Although one should be prepared for unforeseen climate changes such as snowstorms or a slightly worse cold breeze. If you have your guide with you, he will of course advise you about the changes that occur in the weather and guide you accordingly. The price can certainly be steep, but that is a given when you are planning to go on technically a 150-day journey.

And so, what will you do? Will you stay in the comfort of your home and just watch some clips of the beautiful Himalayan Trail. Or, will you, with a steel resolve of flame burning within, go on a long trip to the Himalayan trail to see the wild and raw beauty? Think hard about it!

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