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The ultimate guide for Bangkok, Thailand

How many articles have you read while researching the vacation destination that was too long, too boring and made you stop reading after a few minutes? We completely get it, it is useless so here we decided to make an article about the place we last visited and since we have so much to say about it, we will keep it simple, precise and interesting!
Bangkok is, as you know, the capital city of Thailand and as such has countless visitors every day. To not disappoint, Bangkok has done an amazing job in creating the best tourist attractions, exciting nightlife and out of this world gourmet experiences. Here are the top five must-do activities in Bangkok, and have in mind, it is our top 5. Feel free to send us a message stating what else is on your top list.

First of all, when it comes to museums and history you must visit the Bangkok National Museum. Thousands of year-old history in one building telling many stories of love, war, and royal emperors but for a greater experience, visit it on Thursday when tours in English are taking place. There are many more museums and national buildings but let’s face it, not all can be visited in a couple of days.

After an educational visit goes and has some fun. Take a tour on a Sky Train and enjoy the view of the city from a different perspective. After the adrenalin rush goes and calms your senses in a wellness center where a trained expert will help you relax with a Thai massage. Sure, there were may saloons at home but authentic massage in Bangkok is a different story. Try it, you might get addicted!

Food is an important concept of any vacation. There is a small warning we need to tell you and it is to have an open mind. Why not even close your eyes while tasting new food in Thailand to enhance the taste. From weird textures and tastes to bizarre looks of the food, Bangkok is a city where you can try the most unusual street food. Whether you want to go to a fancy restaurant or wander the streets of Thailand’s capital, you will be all but disappointed!

How about nightlife? Every hotel in Bangkok has a bar which is a good start of your evening. Take a look around. There are clubs and bars in your proximity that you initially missed but once you focus, your fun begins! Make sure you are alone not because it is unsafe but because it is easy to get lost in all the fun and rush.

We want to end this informative article by saying that there are many activities you will miss in Bangkok and it is okay. If you have enough time, try and book a trip to a local village or an island since it is a completely different experience but if not, book it for your next visit. Oh, and one more thing, if you have already been to Thailand, remember us and help others experience all you did as well!

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