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Things not to miss out while in Hong Kong

That long-awaited trip has finally come. You are an experienced traveler but still, you were preparing for months for a trip to Asia. Hong Kong is a city with a lot to offer and it is easy to get lost on all tours, sightseeing, and activities. We know how we felt after our first visit so as we went the second time, we made a list of the things that you should visit as soon as you come and the rest of it is on you!

To get the best view of the city visits Victoria Peek. It is famous among tourists and locals and the sunset at this point of the region is out of this world. To have the best experience possible, choose a sunny and clear day but and let this be the first opinion you gain of Hong Kong.

After you have seen it from Victoria Peak, slide down to Hong Kong Disneyland for a magical story of your choosing. Every Disneyland in the world has a special charm so if you are already in Hong Kong, why not pay a visit to a cartoon land and meet one of your favorite heroes from your childhood! Yes, we know you are grown up, but that kid inside you craves for some fun!

If you don’t want for the fun to end, continue your trip to Hong Kong Ocean Park. This amusement park has rides that are definitely for grown-ups and they will make your blood boil! It also has an aquarium so all fans of the underwater world can enjoy the offer. The park is big but also expensive so make sure that you come well equipped. Hong Kong has the biggest number of skyscrapers in the world and with it comes a tour specially created for those who enjoy a great view. If you are afraid of the heights then choose Hong Kong, Wetland Park. Ecotourism in this park has been developing for years so nowadays the offer is as rich as it gets.

Who helps us the most when we decided to visit Hong Kong? Expats did! Strangely as it sounds, they know the most about it since they needed to learn more about how to be an expat in Hong Kong. With it came the knowledge of inevitable sightseeing, accommodation and gourmet experiences. They are a big community in Hong Kong and they are as polite as they can be. It is not a closed community so if you happen to decide to move to the south of China you will be welcomed with both hands. Expats know it all, where to live, what to eat and where is the best place to find work. What else do you need?

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