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Things to See in Western Samoa

Situated in the South Pacific Ocean, the beautiful country of Samoa consists of the western group of lovely Samoan Islands. You can find many eye-catching things here, such as serene lakes, breathtaking reef-outlined beaches, wildlife sanctuaries, volcanic caves, lush green rainforests,   spectacular gorges and waterfalls, and many more. Know about some of the top things that you can see in Western Samoa, while you are on a Samoa from Australia tour.


This is a place where you can have a nice, relaxing time during your Samoan trip. It is a beautiful village that is located at Savai’i Island’s western region. You will love to take a swim in the amazing waters and enjoy a pleasant time on the beautiful beach with its white sand. This is a place that offers a stunning view of the sunset over the waters of the majestic South Pacific Ocean. You can also check out the breathtaking rainforest nearby.

Upolu Island

This is where much of the population of the Samoa islands are found to live in. This is among the two major islands in Samoa, Savai’i being the other one and bigger in size. Upolu Island is a prominent tourist spot that you must explore.

Alofaaga Blowholes

This is another amazing attraction that is located on Savaii island. You can find it close to the Taga village outskirts. The blowholes are volcanic plug holes actually, and these underwent erosion over many years, leading to tube-like formations. When the coast is dashed by water waves, there is an expulsion of water – which rises up as tall as hundreds of feet into the air through the beautiful blowholes with a lot of speed, roar, and power. When coconuts are tossed in by the village locals, these are blasted into the air once the water pummels the shoreline.

O Le Pupu-Pue National Park

When you are in Samoa, you would love to visit this popular national park. If you love to hike, you would undoubtedly like to explore this main Samoan attraction as also go on the eye-catching hiking trails that are located in this vast park. Get yourself clicked with the tallest Samoan peak, Mt. Fito, in the background. The mountain is as tall as 1,100 meters and is located within this famous park. The scenery of the attractive rainforest will stay with you forever. Also, visit the amazing Togitogiga Falls that is there in this beautiful national park, and have a lovely time. You should not miss the lava tube cave, the Peapea Cave, which can be found here.

Falealupo Rainforest Preserve

It is an excellent nature preserve that is located in the northwestern region of Savaii. This preserve has been founded by the local government. You can explore many wild animals here, and feast your eyes on the lush green and exciting vegetation. Here, the primary attraction is the canopy walk at the treetop that joins many banyan trees together. This beautiful forest has amazing views on offer, and you can marvel at the shrubs here that go 40 meters above the earth’s surface.

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