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Tibet – Oasis of Peace

How busy is your life? Is it every day the same or do you have a hectic schedule with only a couple of hours for sleeping? Once you have a second for yourself, do you stop and wonder do all people live like that or is it just you? Well, unfortunately, more people each day submit to busy lifestyles but a true problem is revealed when you have to choose a place to go and have some rest. You are afraid that everywhere is the same but we are here to show you a true gem in the traveling world.

If you need an escape and a big change in your life, visit an ancient place such as Tibet. Tibet travel is not that new but due to a change in our everyday life, it has become more popular! As you approach this wonderful region notice how the mist clears out and with it, you begin to think clearer. No matter how you choose to go to Tibet, there is a couple of advice to help you enjoy your stay. Rule number one is to turn off your cell phones. Disconnect from all things on the ‘outside’ and begin your spiritual journey. The second advice is to try and meditate. Meditation is a state of mind where you ‘fall’ in the state of no thoughts. This will help you not think about what awaits at home and more importantly, it gives you a fresh start.

If you are rather an adventurer, choose Tibet trekking. Many certified travel guides can lead you into a completely different dimension of nature. Tibet tracks are still untouched and so well preserved. Camping equipment is equally important so make sure you consult your tour guide before this adventure.

Tibet sanctuaries are one of the calmest places in the world. Mostly hidden in the mountains, there you can see harmony in everyday life. Open up your mind and soul for something new and it may even change your life. We almost forgot the third advice. Every morning as you wake up, step outside and breathe in some fresh mountain air. If that doesn’t make you feel reborn, honestly we don’t know what will.

We would like to end this article by mentioning food in Tibet. It is not a culinary wonder but is most definitely natural and homegrown. They live a minimalistic life in Tibet, with only the most necessary ingredients and items. Stop and wonder do you need that many things in your life or could you live with less than 50 percent of them. Sounds hard, but is refreshing!

If you have already cured yourself in Tibet, please write us a couple of minimalistic sentences. We will be thankful and you may help many people decide to dare and make a step further to Tibet!

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