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Top advice for a stress-free road trip in Indonesia

Whenever you step out of your comfort zone it can get stressful since sleeping in your bed is the safest and most comfortable. But sometimes you just need to dare a little so you can experience life to the fullest! In this article, we chose a rather unique place in the world for a road trip-Indonesia. In many people’s opinion, this is the last truly wild land you can visit and even nowadays many of Indonesian parts remain untouched.

But, there is a couple of advice you need to hear to properly enjoy these untouched areas! As soon as you land, you have to think about accommodation. Prices are not that high and you have many options to choose from. Our honest advice is to sometimes pay a bit more but stay in a respected hotel. Sure, a road trip is an adventure but you always need to be safe! After you decided on where to stay (which will be changed a lot since Indonesia is a huge country) choose a method of transportation. Start your journey with a car. As a beginner, it is one of the safest methods of transportation for a road trip around Indonesia. Some rural areas just don’t accept cards so then try and rent a bike. Motorbike, to be more precise since Indonesians live on them! A regular bike is just not that safe and should be avoided.

How to pack light? If it is not your first time on a road trip, you will do it easily. But as a newcomer try to pack only what is truly necessary. Take a small suitcase and make it light! Sometimes you would need to carry it up high so you don’t want to swear at yourself for not listening to us. We made the same mistake, that is why we know! After you check in a local hotel, take that backpack you brought with you and hide your documents and cash in the deepest pocket you can find. The next thing to be packed in the water! Tap water is not for common use, especially not for drinking so do not act smart and do it. A bad case od stomack flue will run your way and that is the last thing you need!

Even if what we wrote abode sounds a bit scary, it is tips for a trip anywhere. We just modified it a bit to suit Indonesia so you are good to go! Just always be on a lookout and don’t forget to look around and breath deeply!

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