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Top hospitality and travel industry trends n 2022/2023

You may be interested to know the latest trends concerning the hospitality industry. The recent Covid-19 pandemic combined with Ukraine-Russian war has caused economic downturn. It is said to be much greater when compared to 2008 recession. Also, the hospitality industry does have a significance impact suffering from lingering effects. Such extraordinary situation requires adopting some innovative responses. A few steps are taken like enticing patrons to visit food & beverage outlets, provide safe and satisfactory hotel say to holidaygoers, etc. These seem to have boosted the current hospitality industry trends while triggering lasting changes.

New trends

After the pandemic, the society at large is witnessing a tremendous shift. Contactless technologies, hygiene protocols, staycations has rather embedded in daily activities. Increased consumer awareness with regards to various aspects like Travel Health and overall well-being, purposeful, sustainable seems to have set new benchmarks.

Top tends shaping hospitality industry

  • Holistic hospitality, well-being and health: Self-care and preventative medicine is currently trend resulting from Covid pandemic. Moreover, wellness industry is fast becoming a trillion dollar market. Existing spa facilities and hospitality venues are likely to make it big. Also, the demand for PCR test, bespoke treatment plans and health diagnostic technology delivered by experts is increasing.

  • Hotel work spaces and Bleisure travelers: Remote work is likely to stay in the future. Big tech companies such as Amazon, Facebook and Twitter, etc. have planned to adopt flexible or hybrid approach to remote working. Remote worker percentage in 2021 had already doubled. Hospitality venues have converted into make-shift offices especially to cater locals and bleisure travelers. F&B venues and hotels have been trying to capitalize on this particular trend. They are offering great coffee, high-speed WiFi for free, ample plug sockets, etc.
  • Personalization: Guests these days prefer to be treated and recognized as individuals. Hence, establishments have been trying to greet their guests personally. E-mail marketing is also accessible to masses, thus allowing target audience communications. Data offers better insight into customer’s past buying habits. Thus, hotels are able to customize their promotions and offers while offering automatically previous stays with similar services. AI chatbots are also amazing customer service asset for response to common questions and customer service.

  • Digitized guest experiences: Hoteliers in increased numbers have been using apps to manage services offered to customers. Thus, they can control several aspects related to guest experience and cycle. Antigen test has become important for guests. Contactless and digital services have gained immense momentum. Technology assisted options like biometrics, voice control, contactless payments, mobile check-in, etc. are been given priority. Fingerprint and facial recognition tools are being used to unlock hotel rooms. However, it requires some investment.
  • Solo travel: In today’s mindfulness age, many prefer to spend time alone as well as venture out interacting with others. Barriers between guests and hotel staff are being lowered to increase comfort and convenience of solo travelers. There is cultivated an informal atmosphere and sense of homeliness with interior design choices.

The above are a few trends that are emerging in the hospitality industry in 2022/2023.

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