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Vacationing in Croatia

Croatia is becoming one of the hottest holiday destinations for travelers. This central European country has a rich history with appalling beaches, picturesque national parks, and tasty food. Still, after so many years, it is holding onto its popularity among the major international travelers around the world.

It is also famous for shooting the popular HBO movie “Game of Thrones”.

Croatia has a lot to offer to thirsty travelers around the world. The entire country is rich in vineyards serving you with an extensive range of wine and delectable food items. Dalmatian Island is famous for its seafood items. Dalmatian Island has some breath-taking views owing to its amazing sea beaches, clear waters, and limestone cliffs.

Croatian Climate

When you plan for any trip, you consider the weather factor while fixing the dates of your travel. Climate plays an important factor while deciding the best time to visit any place. Similarly, Croatia is in the middle of Europe has two kinds of weather. One is the Coastal Croatian climate, and the other Inland Croatian climate. The temperature also varies in these two different climatic places. So, it is tough to decide about what you should include in your luggage.

Coastal Croatia – The climate of coastal Croatia has hot summers and mild winters. But the best time to visit Croatia is between May and June, or you can visit in September and October. This is because the weather becomes sunny and offers you have a pleasant time. This is the ideal time to go for a vacation in Croatia, especially if you love baking in the sun. The place becomes quite because of less crowd. Expect heavy rain showers during the month of December, as it is the rainiest month of the year in Croatia.

Inland Croatia – This is not the best time to visit Croatia as you can experience snow and extreme cold in this part of the country. The temperatures dip below the freezing mark. However, springtime is the best time of the year as you enjoy hiking, touring on your Croatian vacation. Do not forget to carry your umbrellas if you are visiting in August as it is the rainiest month in Croatia.

Beautiful Parks

Croatia boasts of having some beautiful natural parks in the country. There are 8 natural parks in Croatia that you should visit at least once during your stay in this amazing country. They are Mljet, Paklenica, Krka, Brijuni, Plitvice Lakes, Kornati, and Sjeverni Velebit. Among them, Krka and Plitvice are the most parks in Croatia. These places remain jam-packed with a lot of tourists during the peak season. If you like a secluded place, then you can visit some other remote places with lesser crowds. All these places are special as they are beautiful and picturesque scenery.

Tasty Food and Wine

Few international travelers often consider Croatia as the food lover’s paradise. This is because of its wide variety of people from Hungary, Austria, and Italy is living in Croatia. You will find influences of these countries in Croatian cuisine. One of them is Goulash, which is hugely popular in Croatia is a national dish of Hungary. Another tasty food is Istria that you should try. Croatia is rich in wine culture because of the presence of 64 different grapes. Many new sommeliers consider Croatia as a wine haven in the world.


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