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Visit Turkey on a Low Budget

Turkey has always been an attractive country for many tourists. The captivating mountains, picturesque lakes, and the hospitality of the local people are simply amazing. However, over the last few decades, the country has undergone drastic changes. Earlier the destination was a traveling paradise for international travelers, but now the budget has gone up, especially if you compare it with other European countries.

For this purpose, travelers must know the costs when they are traveling to Turkey. This will help you to save money along with making your traveling experience a delightful one.

Here’s, I will tell you how you can visit Turkey even with a low budget.

Prepare before getting there

It is important to have some plan before visiting the destinations. There are plenty of resources to access that information. YouTube has a lot of content about how to have a great time in Turkey without spending too much. We found a great YouTube channel created by Michael Luhukay that will give you great tips. The videos on his channel are created by Michael and 2 of his friends. Check out this Turkey video. It is a video that Micheal says was the reason to start his channel. It shows how traveling can be fun if you do it with great company. Don’t forget to subscribe, plenty of new content coming. Make sure you follow Michael on his Instagram channel as well #FlipsideTurkey.


You can save enough money for your accommodation in Turkey. The first thing you should do is to avoid traveling during the peak seasons. The peak season in Turkey is from July to September. The hotels are jam-packed with tourists from all over the world, and the price of the hotels also shoots up during this time. Hence, the ideal time to travel to this beautiful country is from April, May, or October.

Moreover, if you are considering going as a walk-in customer, you will find higher accommodation rates during this time. Make sure not to bargain with the hotel authorities, until and unless they are mad at customers. The best way you can save money is to look for hotels through various search engines. You need to compare the prices of different hotels along with promotions and discounts.

Another way of traveling on a low budget is to stay in a lower rate hotel even if you have to compromise on the quality and the standard of living.

Buy Cheap Food and Drink

The second option is you can implement is to buy cheap food and drink in the country. Besides, you should avoid buying foods that especially cater to international travelers and foreigners. Additionally, you also should avoid staying near hotels where the rent is also higher. Moreover, avoid falling trap to these restaurants as they provide pick up service and entertainment along with the package.

However, the best way to encounter this is to buy local Turkish foods from local holidaymakers and visit the places where the locals visit often. Besides, the local restaurants will serve you traditional Turkish food at a much cheaper rate along with serving variety of meals.


Never expect cheap petrol prices in Turkey. The rate of petrol in Turkey is the highest in the world. Hence, avoid hiring a petrol car and instead travel by a diesel car. Moreover, you can avail various discount coupons that will help you to save few extra bucks while traveling.

Although you can vouch for huge discounts on internal flights, it is advisable to travel by bus system. It is a lot cheaper than to travel by internal flights within the country. Even few tourists has also the same opinion as they offer top-quality bus services in Turkey. Although the traveling time is a little bit longer, it is guaranteed that you will not be disappointed with the bus services.

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