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Visiting Gearhart on Oregon’s Coast

Gearhart has been made home by different communities. It includes vacation cottage renters, comfortable retirees and occasional elk herds that pass through downtown. This town is known for its sleepy yet upscale vibe that is quite appealing to many. It is located in Oregon’s northwest tip and boasts of having a sprawling, flat shoreline and grassy reeds. This town does carry a special and unique charm that invites tourists in huge numbers to visit its sandy shore throughout the year. Gearhart Vacation Rental provides you the opportunity to explore the region thoroughly without having to spend a fortune.

To its western border is the vast open Pacific Ocean with brilliantly gleaming clear blue waters. To its eastern borders is the small town where life is found to function effortlessly. Downtown Gearhart takes great pride in itself of not installing even a lone traffic light. Visitors and locals alike can take part in breezy bike rides that can be experienced in this town’s wide streets. The town’s outdoor beauty can be enjoyed with the warm welcome by the staffs at Northern Oregon accommodation.

The vast beach stretch is pristine, clean and well-maintained. At every turn, you can come across lush greenery. The nearby sand dunes tend to outline the horizon with hazy green and gray shades. This is something unique and amazing, especially in a quiet, small town. The Gearhart Vacation Rental homes here are sure to provide you with value worth your investment.


This charming town is located in Oregon’s northern Oregon Coast and West of Portland approximately by 94 miles. It is elevated at a height of about 23 feet. In case you fly to Portland, then you may rent a car to reach this town. The entire drive right from the start to the end offers a scenic drive through Portland. You will be travelling on Highway 26 over the beautiful coastal mountain range. It will be wise to browse through Northern Oregon accommodation and book one that suits your preference and needs.

Climate and geographical landscape

Gearhart is located in Clatsop county in Oregon state’s north-western corner. On its either side are the picturesque sand dunes while it hugs the vast Pacific Coast. Being just 52 ft. above sea level, this town is quite flat.

Climate here is comfortable and mild throughout the year. July is the warmest month with average high temperature reaching 68 degrees Fahrenheit while average low temperature is 52 degrees Fahrenheit. December is the coldest month with average high temperature being 51 degrees Fahrenheit while average low temperature is 38 degrees Fahrenheit. Hence, it is not too cold or too hot and can be visited at any time of the year. The best Gearhart Vacation Rental can be quite relaxing and make you feel refreshed.

When precipitation is concerned, this town receives average annual rainfall of 91”. December is the wettest month with average rainfall being 9”. Average annual snow accumulation is just 0.3”, thus making a dream destination for all travellers.

Selecting Northern Oregon accommodation over hotels is a wise choice made to save money and enjoy the trip.

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